Why I am so excited for the future technological world and the young adults rising in Industries

I couldn’t count how many arguments and discussions have been had on our family dinner table but this one I promise takes the cake…Well at least a large serving with extra cream on the side. Bare with me for 30 seconds to let me set a necessary scene.

With a Mother, Father and two younger brothers 20 and 15 years old, I live at home having just graduated from an engineering degree (I am 22 years old myself). At the dinner table, where the family shares food and most of its company, I had mentioned the idea of how excited I am for the future in terms of technological growth and innovation across all industries.

Moving forward with this idea and becoming more specific, I was talking about how as humans we would walk and ride animals across lands to deliver a message or parcel in past times. Ships sailed across oceans. Then came the giant leap into the combustion engine with trains and automobiles. Since then, we have put air crafts and jets into the sky. From what would have taken months to deliver some item we can send across the world in a matter of hours.

But what if we wanted our parcel to arrive now? Like, RIGHT NOW. Right after taking a toilet break from online shopping, the parcel you ordered is awaiting you on your front door step. If you posed this scenario to someone 10 years ago, the only possibility of this occurrence is if a postman delivered it to you under some sort of special agreement/fee “if” the item was close by. An express delivery of some sort. I would answer it in terms of explaining how specialised aircraft drones will be dropping all sorts of parcels and deliveries to our door steps in a matter of years. Doesn’t seem so crazy does it? We can buy drones at toy stores these days, why wouldn’t they be used as a standard means of delivery?Straight line routes and on demand delivery, what a time to be alive!!!

Coming back to the family dinner table, my father simply refused to accept my vision of drones taking on this role in terms of delivering parcels. Refused to see we will soon have a massive reduction for the need of convenient stores and the alike because we will be able to order online and have our groceries and goods drop to our front door potentially quicker than we could go get it ourselves. Some excuses I received are“Drones will never be economical enough to do such a thing. They will never be that safe, quick enough nor practical”. I’m sure no one would believe that our mobile phones would soon have greater memory power than that computers sending the first shuttles into space. Very negative outlook on something that is a soon reality nonetheless.

I tried talking about this with other family members and older friends of my parents age (45+) (X Generation). I received similar feedback in that it was believed that technology is more or less hit its limit and I was being a little foolish. I chuckled at first but soon to be come OUTRAGED. Yes, I legitimately was angered by this….arrogance. Why wouldn’t the friends of my own age mock me in this vision? It’s happening around us right now, what couldn’t my older peers see?

With personal interest into evolutionary psychology and in particular ‘human versus nature’ I often like to assess social situations in today’s generation with those previous. It didn’t take long to realise that having be born in the early 90’s, my friends and I were born in a thriving age of technological growth and in particular technology around the household. The internet was emerging with computers, gaming consoles were becoming household norms, walkmans and gameboys were all regular items. What significance does this hold? My interpretation of it is that as growing children we never doubted technology and its potential. As quick as we could get familiar with one gadget, a new better one arrived the following year. Mobile phones came out as bricks and before we knew it we were taking selfies, snapchatting across the world.

It makes sense that my Generation X friends cannot accept my vision/interpretation of the emerging technology around us. It was in our nurture and not theirs to accept technology is forever growing and that the sky is NOT THE LIMIT because there is truly none. It is not to say that Generation X has not many talented creative innovators, but all must agree that as a general population, young adults in today’s society are far more technologically driven and I give the internet and computers this thanks.

This is why many adults of Generation X who are well experienced in certain fields miss opportunities and will continue to do so that the young mid 20 year old entrepreneur/inventors take because they simply lacked the creativity and trust in ideas to make it happen. On the contrary we are seeing these same adults excel now that they are in 40 because they have the ability to EXECUTE ideas given technological growth and have a substantial amount of experience/knowledge in the field. We see this a lot in emerging online blogs and stores.

With all this being said, I’m sure you can understand how excited I am for the rising young adults in all industries. All technologically driven with no idea too large or impossible to execute. The internet was just the start to a brand new world!

If you have gotten this far, I thank you for your time in reading my article. To take something away from this, I ask you that you as well take on conversation as I did in drones dropping parcels at our front door steps with someone a generation or two older than you. Post results below or please give your own experiences with discussions of people simply lacking the ability to accept that technology is still climbing. I am excited for the future and I hope you are too. I long for the day for drones to drop parcels at our homes and you could definitely bet I will be sending all my mail express to my father’s door step. Ps: I love and respect my hard working father more than anyone else on this planet, one simply wasn’t born with a gameboy on his lap and questioned why the screen couldn’t be flatter and bigger ;)