Hundreds of millions of people depend on government services in the U.S. But, the gnarly processes and never-ending paperwork can limit the effectiveness of the best-intended public service. It’s hard to imagine a world where finding the right program for your federal student loans or applying for relief funds after a storm damages your home is as easy as placing an order on Amazon Prime, but now is the time to move in that direction.

Every business on the planet has become a technology business. Now, having been forced to change the way they operate during the pandemic, 75% of companies are busy prioritizing innovation in 2021. Tech leaders are banking on software to help meet new consumer needs, from greater digital security to lightning-fast load times. Fortunately, tough times inspire rapid innovation. If you want to adapt to-and capitalize on-rapidly evolving markets, here are five custom software development trends you need on your radar.

1. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

User experience is everything. And users expect your website and applications to be available at all times. Reliability is business-critical…

Satellite imagery of Earth has proved a transformative resource for a near half-century now. Researchers, government bodies, and entrepreneurial change agents have used it for applications that have already altered many of the most essential among human endeavors, including agriculture, regional planning, biodiversity conservation, military surveillance, and cartography and navigation. Once the U.S. government initiated the Landsat program in the early 1970s, satellite imagery began to revolutionize the way we understand and interact with the world around us.

As of a bit more recently, satellite imagery also permanently changed the way we drive.

And that’s about to happen again.

Every centimeter counts


During this decade, we are likely to experience the fastest economic change in history caused by a confluence of global macro forces that accelerate transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the global financial system. Climate change is causing wildfires, storms, heat, floods, and other extreme weather events across the world. These events have devastated communities and businesses at the cost of many lives and trillions of dollars.

The world is changing, and these changes create challenges that stand in the way of business goals and aspirations. The capitalism model that we’ve known for many years has reached a tipping point and is pivoting toward stakeholder capitalism. Shareholder value remains important but so now is stakeholder value.

Let’s be clear: Stakeholders are companies, employees, civilians, society…

With continuous change on the horizon and almost every industry rethinking the modern workplace, many companies are investing more than ever in solutions that help cultivate a deep sense of purpose among employees and encourage genuine investment in the company’s future.

There are few things as powerful as a highly motivated team, oriented around a common goal. From sports teams to technology companies, these groups and the cultures they create are the stuff of business case studies and bestsellers the world over. …

We’re living through the midst of the Digital Age, where technology is evolving at a rapid rate.

The events of the last year have added more pressure on companies to adapt quickly and keep pace with ever-changing digital demands. Then why, according to Forbes, have only 7% of organizations fully transformed to digital businesses?

The stats are staggering: When corporations launch transformations, approximately 70% fail in execution. What’s more, $3 million is wasted every minute by organizations globally, through ineffective implementations of business strategy. That’s nearly $2 trillion per year.

Feeling a little sick of the empty ways we talk to one another these days? Find out some tips for reigniting that human connection we all need in our digital communications.

The inherent distance brought on by our digital lives has created a strangely disproportionate impact on the way we connect with one another. Most of us would be able to freely share stories about receiving a text or message on social media from an old acquaintance that appeared innocuous at first but turned out to be just a thinly veiled sales pitch.

On the one hand, we are more…

Greatest global health crisis in a century

Now that two approved COVID-19 vaccines are being administered to US citizens, with even more approved globally and in the pipeline, we can finally begin to address the practical implications of how we as a civilization might emerge from over eleven months of strict social isolation.

As the proportion of the US population that’s been immunized stands at near 10% and grows daily, more and more of us may soon be able to safely interact with one another in private and public common spaces.

But this could require the administrators of said common spaces to verify an individual’s COVID vaccination…

To grow your business in today’s modern world, you need digital solutions. When it’s time to bring in a firm to solve a problem that requires technology and innovation, you want the right captain for the ship.

The internet provides a sea of possibilities when it comes to searching for a partner, but it’s all too easy to lose your bearings. The trouble? An overabundance of players in the market. IT service companies can be found all over the world, at different price points, ranging from freelancers to big, faceless corporations. …

You’ve identified a need to build custom software. You know you need help. Now it’s time to bring on a software strategy and development partner. But where do you even begin? If this scenario seems familiar, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Information technology outsourcing (ITO) is a big business. In 2019, global ITO contracts totaled $66.5 billion. With so many firms waiting to be discovered, each with unique offerings, it’s no surprise that the search process can feel overwhelming. …


Innovate like a startup even if you aren’t one

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