by: Andrew Upah

The idea that fun should be on our minds during COVID-19 may seem distasteful in light of recent events. However, since many of us continue to live and work in isolation — and we’ve yet to realize the full extent of the mental health fallout — it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Increasingly, tech is being used to bring us together. Far from frivolous, fun is the glue that bonds us during times of crisis.

There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to use online tools to keep productivity high. However, there’s a…

Faced with new demands posed by patients in lockdown, tech has stepped up in the battle against COVID-19. Since the outbreak began, demand for telehealth has soared by 500% as patients access medical advice via video on their phone, tablet, or computer. It’s easily one of the most significant transitions to occur in healthcare. But is telehealth here to stay? And how will tech change the future of frontline care?

by: Andrew Upah

The tech supporting healthcare heroes

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There’s nothing new about telemedicine — it’s been around for at least two decades. Yet, before the crisis, only 1 in 10 Americans had tried it. Now…

by Andrew Upah

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Technology is a lifeline during quarantine, enabling many of us to work seamlessly from home. From video platforms to collaboration tools, tech has helped businesses around the world remain operational while making it easy for friends and families to stay connected. But what can we learn from the tech sector’s response to COVID-19 — and how can its approaches help make other industries more resilient?

How technology will help us get back on track safely and seamlessly

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During COVID-19, the transportation industry is taking a beating. Commercial fleets are grounded. New York City alone saw a 900% drop in passengers on its subway and commuter rail lines. Airlines lost up to 90% of customers in under three months. With fears around transmission high — not least amongst transit workers — and a global economic downturn looming, can technology give transport a fighting chance?

There’s no question that transportation has fuelled the local-global-local spread of the virus. In American cities, anyone relying on public transit to…

Leading remote teams during a crisis present unique challenges for staying connected and productive. Here’s how to boost morale and collaboration amongst stressed-out employees.

by FK Funderburke

How are you really? Building a supportive remote culture for your team

Remote is the new normal. Companies have had to make a hard turn towards an entirely different way of working. As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news, people are anxious about the future — making it tough to push forward with their day-to-day jobs. Human connection is vital in the midst of a crisis. Luckily, we have a host of tools and technologies that help. But how do you foster community amongst distributed…

Big data is the new oil and gold.

Whether you’re a small business or a commercial enterprise looking to scale, no company can ignore the ramifications of big data. In fact, with the rapid deployment of applications leveraged on big data, investing in this technology is a matter of survival for any business.

Article contributed by Christina Jameson
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How big is big data?

The sheer size of big data alone and its impact on giant industries like agriculture, manufacturing, supply chain management, and finance, demonstrate how important it is to businesses.

Tech Jury projects that by 2020, the world will have produced approximately 40 zettabytes of data. That’s 40 trillion

Using product principles, communication, and flexibility, Theorem teams adapt to a new (remote) world.

By: Troy Thompson

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At Theorem, continuous learning has always been a key component of who we are. A commitment to adapting is essential to an organization’s ongoing success. And nothing has brought this idea out into higher relief than the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve all had to redesign the way we work in recent months, often transforming successful in-office teams into equally successful remote ones. …

To set Agile transformations to succeed, think carefully about the people involved in the process. Consider that the objective is to please the customer. Reflect that people will be the ones crafting that new solution. Ponder over their need for clear vision. Act in harmony with what you learn. Agility will come more easily and with a much greater impact from such well-developed preparation.

by Jonathan Williams

Human-based KPIs are Critical to Successful Agile Transformation Projects

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Agile transformation projects exist to help organizations systemically improve quickly. Far too often, these noble efforts fail for only one reason: they fail to include the human factors of any IT project.


When implemented correctly UX research will create better products and delight customers. It also has the benefit of transforming how groups work together to support a single vision.

by Jonathan Horowitz

When working in a large organization, how do you choose the right path forward if visions clash between divisions? This is a critical question. Disparate interests often lead to silos, and silos lead to stalled progress and conflict.

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When technical and business goals collide

In the software realm, tensions often arise between two groups: UX teams and business units. Simply put, UX and sales or marketing tend to care…

UX research has the power to make or break your business. Our guide will help you uncover the right strategic decisions and develop best-in-class products.

By Jonathan Horowitz

The lightbulb moment — this is when the seminal idea strikes for your billion dollar unicorn business. Perhaps it’s a mobile cat cafe, like Uber for felines, or a voice-enabled enterprise app that allows sales staff to generate contracts on-the-go by asking Siri.

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From eclectic consumer services to time-saving B2B tools, unique ideas can turn into megahits if well-executed. But before shouting “Eureka!” …


Innovate like a startup even if you aren’t one

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