It is more than just a pizza maker

The Original Pizza Maker is a little electric machine intended to sit on your kitchen worktop at all circumstances.

Notwithstanding cooking a wide range of Pizza, the Deep Pan can make numerous different dinners for instance: Jacket Potatoes, Frittatas, Omelets, Chicken and Fish dishes, Pancakes, Fajitas, and a decent breakfast cook. By the pizza maker you can cook conventional Italian pizzas each 3–4 minutes. It has Interchangeable stone base and profound dish cooking skillet that make the cooking procedure straightforward, speedy and simple.

In addition to cooking all types of pizza, The Original Pizza Maker can make many other exciting foods with the interchangeable non-stick deep dish pan. These include cookies, muffins, frittata, omelettes, chicken and fish dishes, vegetables, pancakes plus many other foods.

This Pizza Maker has a basic three level temperature control and is so natural to utilize. Turn the broiler on, hold up 10 minutes to pre heat, at that point put your pizza on the stone base — crisply cooked pizza in under 5 minutes it cooks any pizza base. For those pizza experts with somewhat more experience, crisp or instant pizza batter cooks impeccably. You can likewise utilize new or solidified bases from the general store or even shop, making delectable pizzas in only a couple of minutes.

For more details log on to or contact us on 01923 825216.

For more details log on to or contact us on 01923 825216.