An outlet for one’s thoughts

There is something very peaceful about being able to just… write. I don’t really know what it is precisely that makes it so relieving. Honestly, I couldn’t care less if people read this or don’t. All I wanted was an outlet for just dumping what’s on my brain at any given time. I’ve kept journals that have more or less survived but have not been meaningful — now they are lost and I couldn’t care less about them. That is why I wish to have an online account of these thoughts.

It is my intention to reveal little about my personal identity here, as it isn’t really important at this time. All that’s relevant for anyone who reads this to know is that I’m a thinker (hence the blog name!), I spend my days sitting in a chair or on a couch and I think about the world. Specifically, I think about science and how to solve problems in that general area.

As for the intent of this blog: my grandfather, who will always be my hero and one of my biggest inspirations in life, has always told me that society swings back and forth, like a pendulum. People are galvanized over some topic or another, polarized to one side or another, and this is more prevalent now than ever. Whether it be social justice issues, politics, education, economy, war or the future. Everyone has their opinions on what we should do and how we should do it. I think its finally time I hop on the bandwagon and put all the craziness in my head down on paper (or rather, the internet). In general, I try in the efforts of avoiding sophism and self-righteous arguments, to fall somewhere in the middle. Where the pendulum acquires the greatest velocity, so to speak.

A quick disclaimer. I am an expert in science, specifically physics. I do not and never will claim to have true, seasoned knowledge about most of the topics I will write about. While I think many would disagree, I think that this is kinda the point. The average joe doesn’t know much about macroeconomics or the true inner struggles a black man faces when trying to acquire a credit card. What I think is missing from the hodgepodge of opinions on the internet, in my experience, is an average joe who actually recognizes that he doesn’t know anything. I have thoughts on these matters all the time; they’re always swimming around in my head, and before they fly away, I want to archive them, not only for personal reflection, but to help ease my own personal stress. People who read my stories and accounts may agree or disagree, but something I would like people to understand is that I have an open mind. I love hearing new perspectives and I fundamentally believe that every opinion deserves to be heard — not necessarily respected, but heard.

So without further delay, I begin (relatively speaking).