30 days of waiting

Has it been 30 days?
Yes, it sure did.
Have you felt the same?
No, it’s different.
Do you still remember the sun?
Every day, entirely.
Isn’t it supposed to fly to the sky?
It’s stll there waving.
Did you write your plan onto the sand?
The ink lingered on my veins.
Where is she going to the North?
Along the frost skies of winter.
Will you ever learn the symbols?
It wanted to die on its shallow vapor.
Was the voice ever answered?
She talked but no voice came over.
Is this the laughter of the unstables?
He went outside to shout the forbidden.
Was the night dead dreaming of truth?
Every morning is a sort of resurrection.
How did the water drowned his letters?
The words unspoken died in promises.
Shall the gold letters be forwarded?
They were deleted and never saved.
Are we made of stars lighting as curse?
The old hearts dwells the constellation.
Where are the dreams she spoke when she sleeps?
The pulse shakes her to caress the stone.
Can you tell this story?
No, nobody bothers.

Originally posted on tumblr: http://theornithophobic.tumblr.com/

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