One Day

One day, there was a little magic pencil accidentally dropped by the salesman on the floor of the local store in town. It rolled on the floor and kept on rolling until it reached the place where it was under the huge and dusty wooden cabinet of rugs and other cleaning materials in the storage room.

For a while, it assumed someone will look for it and place it where it really belonged. It never lost hope and prayed every day to be in the glass cabinet with other magic pencils seeing by kids and bought by the people. But the days passed but nobody seems to notice its absence so it began to cry and cry thinking no one can help it, hopeless, depressed, and defeated.

“Don’t cry my friend, it is not bad to stay under me for a while,” the wooden cabinet started. “We can play games and talk while waiting for someone to pick you up.”

The magic pencil nodded and thought this cannot be bad. It always wanted to have someone to talk with about sensible matters. It always wanted to have someone special friend laughing and enjoying their life as objects.

They talked most days shared their secrets and told stories to entertain one another. They even played games with other rugs and cleaning materials to keep them entertain. They connected instantly and promised to be friends forever. They knew that was the start of the best day of their lives.

One night while everyone’s already sleeping, the wooden cabinet asked the magic pencil what was its biggest dream, curiously.

“I have always wanted to be held by someone,“ it said, “I want to left an imprint in this world, leave a mark, and bring message to people. That’s why I have always wanted to go back to the glass cabinet. I know it is where I really belong. It can help me reach what I am made for.”

The wooden cabinet fell silent.

“Is there anything bothering you, my friend?” the magic pencil asked.

“No my friend,” it answered back. “Let’s go back to sleep.”

The wooden cabinet lied. It felt fire was starting to ignite inside him, killing him and dying. It knew deep inside his heart that it was afraid. The wooden cabinet doesn’t want to be left alone again left in the dark and dusty storage room but it was worse to see its friend under him losing its worth and dying, it thought. The wooden cabinet saw the same incident before, to the old sock, hairpin, battery, old coin, all of them, old friends, losing their worth and dying deep inside.

The wooden cabinet was confused. It knew it was worse to lose yourself and your dream than dying. It knew that from the start the wooden cabinet was hindering his friend’s dream. The wooden cabinet did not want to be the reason to lose its friend’s identity.

The day after, the magic pencil woke up inside the glass cabinet. It was surprised and happy to see other of its old friends again.

“How did I get here?” It asked the glass cabinet, delighted but confused.

“The store owner saw you hiding under the wooden cabinet.” the glass cabinet responded. “They saw you lying on the floor after the wooden cabinet was removed from the store.”

“What happened to my friend?” the magic pencil asked shockingly.

“I have heard the termites attacked the wooden cabinet causing a very large damage. It didn’t survive the termite attack, it died already. This is reason the store owner found you inside the storage room.”

The magic pencil was in pain, confused, and lost. It knew the wooden cabinet could not die in such attack. The wooden cabinet was a symbol of strength and passion. The magic pencil knew it sacrificed itself for the magic pencil to pursue its dream.

“This is what I have always wanted but I don’t want this anymore,” the magic pencil said, “I want to pursue my dream but I don’t want to lose the one I love.”

The magic pencil continued to blame itself for the death of its friend. It wanted to die; it didn’t want to continue its life anymore. It knew that nobody wants to be left alone especially by someone you love but it was so much worse not to bid farewell.

Times passed the magic pencil became aloof with the other magic pencils. It felt they do not share the same connection as it has with the wooden cabinet. The magic pencil misses the wooden cabinet so much. It was a kind of longing in which you are not very much sure what it feels like to feel in love, in pain, confused, happy, and scared at the same time. The pain was too much you cannot breathe like a fish dreading to fly.

One morning, a little lady came to the store. She was looking for a gift to give his father for the father’s day. She saw the magic pencil, went straight to the glass window and bought it from the store. The magic pencil bid good bye to its other friends and together with the little lady, they left.

While they were going home, the magic pencil met the wind. The magic pencil learned that the wind can talk to anyone, dead or alive. The wind can fly and the wind can talk and go places. The magic pencil told the wind about the sacrifice of the wooden cabinet. Still depressed about the incident, it asked a favor to the wind to send a message to the wooden cabinet. It asked to send its thanks and tell it was not sad and mad anymore to the wooden cabinet, anymore.

The wooden cabinet then whispered back and said thank you, sorry, and good bye while gently closing its eyes and bidding its farewell for the last time.

The magic pencil promise to share this story and continued its life and what it was made for. The End.

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