The fourth Night

Original short story by The Ornithophobic

“How long has I been waiting here? Five Minutes?”

I asked myself while standing in line of people waiting for anavailable table in my favorite coffee shop. My silver watch said I have beenwaiting here for more around ten minutes, almost.

Sleeping the night before was not a bad thing, so I thought. Allthose sleepless nights and all those days I have waited for her call finally arrived. Have I become so lonely and depressed?

I kept on looking in the Coffee shop window just to make sure I look perfect and irresistible. Maybe today, we’ll get back to what we were used to be.

Have you ever encountered this before? When I saw her coming with her smile brighter than a reflector light hitting every eyes, it was as if that one second turned into one of those VHS videos. She was vintage.

She was wearing her doubtful yet innocent face then asked me where I wanted to go. All I want was just to tell her my dreams. I want her to know my dreams are strange scenarios of materials with obscure settings. She was always there watching.

“Can we stay here for a while?” I told her.

She looked skeptical at first. Knowing her, she wanted to go somewhere more public and loud. All she wanted was to eat all the foods she can find. Sometimes I wonder if all of her actions were all just a bunch of acts. There are many times I can tell she shows this tough kind of her exterior.

“This place seems nice. We can talk here for a minute.” She giggled sheepishly. I am always doubtful of all her reactions. She’s very weird in a beautiful way.

As the server led us to the square table near the corner of the whole place, I cannot help but noticed she has lost weight. I wanted to ask how was she the whole time. There are many questions filled and filling up my head at that moment. But it can wait. I know for sure.

We chat for a while like nothing has changed and we laughed until we can no longer grasp for our breath.

Wasn’t it sarcastically funny when you never mention what happened in your past but then you can hang out with people you enjoy your company like nothing happened?

Our relationship has always been like this. She will be beside me whenever she needed me but then will be gone for months. This relationship has been going on for years now. Maybe this was the kind of friendship we have.

I ordered one espresso and one green tea for her. She doesn’t drink coffee I know for sure. Few years before, there was one incident that gave her stomach ache a day before one important job interview. Since then, she never drank coffee again. I can still remember the moment I told her how she was missing life without coffee. She punched me on my chest teasingly.

Moments after chatting and catching up about us, I learned nothing was much different with her. She still smelled like a baby eating Popsicle flavored strawberry. She still wore different pairs of foot socks. Her hand still trembles in all the things she tried to reach. I can still remember how her head comfortably lays on my shoulder. Those random moments after all were not random at all.

She paused for a moment and asked me what was with me. I just noticed I have been staring at her for so long.

I told her I have been having a rough time for a moment now.

“Oh.” was all she can say.

I stared blankly in the big window of the shop. This was the moment my vision began to blur. My

Nauseous started to corrupt my vision and my stomach started to fire up on my throat.

I was trying to blurt out a word but it seems a rough hoarse voice came out of my stomach. She asked me if I was alright. I told her no tot worry about me there was one thing I have always to tell her.

I grabbed my coffee and tried to sip one gulp. The coffee turned into a distasteful mud trying to kick every inch of my throat. This was when I realized my heart was now burning with passion and confusion. There was only one thing I have to do before this moment passes again. I wanted to tell her my dream were have been about her all the time.

She grabbed my hand and told me we should rush to the hospital immediately.

“It can wait.” I tried telling her convincingly.

Moments passed by and I just started to put my feelings into words.

“What is it?” she asked me. I can sense the worried tone coming out of her voice. Seeing her this way was one of those wonderful feelings that anyone can give to a young man like me. I realized this was the hint I have been asking all along.

“The first night, we are walking in a long path way, “I started. “ It was a long pathway with white walls where you can still smell it was a newly painted corridor.”

“I grabbed your hand and we hold hands until one of your friends surprisingly showed u. We released both of our hand and acted like nothing as ever happened.” She listened intently.

“The second night, we are in one of those vintage store and nobody seems to be any people around. I tried to reach you but you were far away.” This time I felt she leaned closer to listen.

“I shouted your name but no voice seemed to blurt out from my mouth. When I looked at my feet and began to pray for God on his plan, I heard your voice and you were already beside me and then I hugged you with the strength I have left in my and prayed to God that I still believe on his plan.”

“The third night I was in a dark room with a circle staircase.” I paused for a while and tried to remember what happened. “What is it then?” she asked. I told her I cannot remember what happened.

She gave me her half-baked smile and told me the one thing I don’t want to hear from her.

“This is one of those dreams too.”

I flinched for a moment and asked her what she meant. Sounds all over the place seemed to echo. My heart was burningly racing as if it was running after hibernation.

“Yes, this is one of those nights,” a familiar voice came out from her mouth. This was not her voice. She was gone in a blur and her image turned into my reflection and then I realized I was talking to myself.

In just a snap, the coffee shop, the coffee, the window, her tea, her, were all gone and I was back inside the dark room with the circular staircase. This time the staircase into an underground tunnel colored like a dead black hole.

I tried to run from this entire image but my feet seemed not to cooperate. My hologram was standing beside me staring at the circular staircase.

Wondering, I looked at the staircase and realized my self was combined with myself. All along, I was living with this hologram.

Explosions in my head started to sum up. I thought, nothing was good after all. I am my own self, All the things are now living on my head. I run as fast as I can and tried to recall her name. But I cannot, this was the end perhaps, maybe.

I jumped inside the circular black hole and felt emptiness. And thus, this concludes my fourth night dream of her.

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