Things i will tell you before i rest to sleep:

emptiness doesnt come from an absence of something unreachable. If you feel lost and you find yourself you cant name and identify, look into a distant place where the soul attracts a perfect vibe.

when you feel the light and fire fade away in the darkness, ignite your feelings and wander for the rest of your life.

if silence has killed you many times even before the sun hits, i will whisper a thousand time how lions roared into a melody.

when you doubt stepping out of the world, i will see you and invite you to discover the wisdom and struggles we don’t know yet.

if you are looking for undisputed questions, remember you are who you are and the answers are at the center of your being.

If you cannot look what is ahead of you, i will tell you to look at me and see that today has a new name of being a first.

come with me and live with a chance of not taking ourselves seriously if you chose to dwell on without conviction.

when you look for strangeness in the depth of an edge, your mission is to live deeper and purified attention. Close your eyes and feel how healing comes from hurt.

If you are unease, let’s shout together and i will cut your chest open. I will eat your heart and soul until your goal to wear them turned to prosperity.

When shortcuts become blackholes, shout out at life. You are in authority not just authorized. The summary of auspicious turnouts said we are alive, living, and dancing with icy breaths.

when you are done saving, be a life savior. I have been saying this a million times like how people love oceans down to its darkest point.

i will tell you how to get deep down with your soul or some things like how i stick my ink to a paper.

become humble, be indifferent, but i will not tell you to be the best you can be.

try to live with the moment of your past, i will listen to you and that’s how my solitude imprisons a house of memories.

and if this turn outs become an immersion of our thoughts, the more there are to see.

and this is how i tell you i belong to you.

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