My girlfriend (temporarily) left me and it got me inspired

Theo Sastre-Garau
Feb 4, 2018 · 4 min read

It’s 10PM in London and I just got from the airport, where I saw my girlfriend fly to Hong Kong . She will stay there for the next 4-5 months, helping the British cosmetic company she is working for to launch the asian market.

We got the news only a week ago, but I feel really happy : I know it’s a good opportunity for her and I’ll probably visit her there.

Over the last months, I have been willing to post my first article on medium but never found the right time (or found too many excuses) to do so. For some reason tonight I felt an irrepressible feeling I had to turn on my laptop and write down all I wanted to achieve in 2018, publicly…

This way I kind of sign an agreement with myself, leaving a trace behind me.

As a friend told me today, sharing your projects with people around you force you to pursue them. I don’t know the exact explanation behind it, but it’s probably “ego” related. I guess nobody wants to fail in front of others, revealing they are not as courageous and reliable as they said. It’s the power of accountability.

Think about it and next time you want to loose 10 pounds and just shout it loud and write this on your Facebook wall, you won’t be able to go back and probably get lighter quicker than expected :)

In my case I think this is the best moment because I won’t be able to blame anything or anybody for not working hard to achieve them in the upcoming months. I’ll be alone in my flat and will be the only one to decide what I should do with my spare time.

So here we go, this is what I want to do before end of 2018, and why.

  1. Meditate 10 min every single day. Right now I am not steady enough
  2. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and not only to spend time in the sauna
  3. Eat healthier. I’m usually careful with what goes through my mouth, but I screwed up recently. My company is providing free foods (and candies) so I’ll need more self control in the future.
  4. Record 2 episodes for my french podcast per month : I interview atypical people (travelers, entrepreneurs) and learn everything I can from them. If you want to check it out, follow this link and subscribe if you like it.
  5. Record some episodes on my own, without any guest. I would like to start making special episodes about specific topics I like, even if I am not an expert. This will help me to fight the impostor syndrome, enhance my creativity and put me out of my confort zone
  6. Develop my social networks presence. I barely have 6 pictures on Instagram, only a few tweets on my wall and I know it’s a big mistake. Sharing personal stuff is not my cup of tea, but I have to make an effort if I want to grow my audience.
  7. Play a poker tournament in Macao, and win it if possible. I used to play a lot years ago, while I was still studying. I miss the live games feeling and have re-started to play online recently.
  8. Finish a game called “Divinity Original Sin 2”. Who said objectives could not be fun ? I am playing it with my little brother who lives in France and that helps me to keep in touch with him.
  9. *Personal goal* : I cannot share this one here as it’s too personal, but I still want to write it down so I don’t forget it.
  10. *Secret Goal* : The last one includes other people that I don’t want to indirectly involve so I can’t share it for now. I will dedicate an article about it later this year when achieved, I promise.
  11. Build a profitable E-commerce website. I don’t think I’ll like it, I don’t need the money and I am pretty sure the time/profit ratio isn’t good (because of the low margins), but I know it’s possible and I just want to prove myself I can do it too. This will also be an opportunity to improve my FB ads skills.
  12. Increase my knowledge about Email marketing, learn how to use needed tools and start building lists.

This will probably get tougher than it seems, as I have many other things I need to take care of (Like water my girlfriend’s plants so they don’t die while she is away, or get rid of stuffs to clear my mind — This is scientifically proven, I might do a podcast about it).

I usually ask my girlfriend to re-read what I wrote in english so I don’t look like an idiot, but she’s not here with me tonight so I have to be a big boy and press “Publish” with my doubts…

If you liked it, send me courage and a big kick in my butt by clapping below. I’ll remember it !

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