The notion of craft is ubiquitous today. Everywhere you look another company is touting craftsmanship as a compelling reason to buy this product versus that one. Beer. Watches. Bikes. Chocolate. All of these categories now feature brands where craftsmanship is a key attribute to their company stories and production process.

Why did companies ever move away from producing goods that were thoughtful, meticulous and durable, though? Regardless of why companies moved away from thoughtful design and production, it’s important for all of us to remember the value of building something from scratch…something made with our hands and conceived in our minds.

Seth Godin writes about the power of the statement, “Here I made this.” As frightening as it can be to share original work with a broad audience, this idea should inform how we think about our work. And when I say work, I don’t mean our jobs per se. Instead I mean the work we want to leave behind. The work that our children and grandchildren will reflect upon when we’re long gone.

What is the product that only you can build? What is the business that only you can launch? It’s imperative that we ask ourselves these questions and act upon the answers each and every day because when we decidedly approach our work with the intent of a craftsman, we not only reinforce our motivation to do what we do, but unleash our greatest potential. Day in. Day out. Honing our craft. All of us are capable of making something beautiful and long lasting.