We’re all imposters

No matter what our title, salary or level of accomplishment, all of us are imposters. At least that’s what we think…

The stories we tell ourselves are frequently plagued with fear of being exposed. What if those around us discover that deep inside we don’t think we are truly smart, charming or confident?

But what happens when we embrace the idea that almost everyone battles the imposter syndrome? What would happen when we recognize that our bosses, mentors and idols share similar thoughts and feelings? When we begin to realize that our fears are universal, they start to have less power over us. But we have to repeatedly change the narrative running through our head whenever the fear of being exposed surfaces.

The next time that negative script begins to play, instead of focusing on our fear or anxiety, we must stop and remind ourselves that we’re all imposters. Like a director editing a film, we must remove the scenes that don’t captivate our audience by contributing to our overall story.

Once we finally convince ourselves that we’re part of a tribe of phonies, fakes and hacks we eventually begin to feel a sense of belonging. And isn’t that all we wanted in the first place?