Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Basically this weekend I’m waiting for a few things and applying for jobs (may cost $25 to get reference letters sent out).

Tomorrow: laundry. It’s a new town, so I don’t know how much it will cost, and if I should go to the closer, sketchier looking laundromat, or the further away one close to the public library. $8–10. I’m theoretically doing the uber-frugal month … but I might take myself out for coffee since I don’t know anyone where I am currently. $3. I may also take a train somewhere more exciting … or I may hold off until 2 weeks from now. $35. I will also probably think of some more things I need for my pantry and order them from amazon or the local grocery store’s delivery service. $20.

Sunday: check out a UCC church. (Thanks Stina). Read a book from the library? Watch a movie?

Monday: go to the library. I’m on a research leave so that’s my job this semester.

Total: $93