Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m going to see a documentary tonight, and I’ve already bought the ticket and the train ticket home (getting a ride there). Going out for supper: $15.

Tomorrow I am going to NYC — I have bought amtrak tix, tickets for MoMA and the statue of liberty, and airbnb already. I am planning to eat out for dinner tomorrow, and lunch on Sunday. any tips? Any big tourism things I should see? I’m staying in Midtown. $50–100 for transit plus meals out.

I am also mentally preparing to move. I think that I can buy a house. Any immigrants with experience getting mortgages? Anyone else with experience getting a mortgage? I have enough for probably 10%+$5000–7000 in assorted fees, and I think my parents can give me another 10%. If not, I will wait a couple of years for purchase! Tips on home vs. condo? I hate yard work so HOA fees might be worth it for me.

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