Love at one’s convenience

I have understood one thing about “true love” and that it is not magical or that it will come to you or that it is something which will happen to you when you least expect it but true love comes to people who work for it.

I have started to believe people look for love at their convenience. They think they love someone but the moment they have to move to another city this “so called love” is thrown away. Why? because it is no more convenient for them that way. But I don't understand if someone believes that they are in love why not fight for it, why not be a bit adjusting, why not just set priorities accordingly.

If a person is selfless and truly loves the significant other then he should fight for that love. Being in love or surviving to stay there is not easy. Every relationship has to be worked on. For this people need to realise that only when one is not looking at an easy way out things will go fine. A little bit of work for your loved one, that will give you true love. It is so easy to get out of a relationship but takes a lot of work to stay in one. I am not staying you need to plan your life around your loved ones but I say if you love someone they have to be a part of the plan at least. Nothing comes easy in life and i want to believe that if two people have their priorities right and stick together no matter what irrespective of how inconvenient it gets that is TRUE LOVE.

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