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Dodged a Bullet — Thank God I didn’t date her (True Story Told by J)

When I was younger, I took piano lessons at Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music. I met a girl who was 2, 3 years older than me named J. She was a typical quiet, reserved Asian girl with an innocent look. She was a very talented pianist. I always had a crush on her. But nothing happened between us.

Two years later, I saw her again in my high school. She was in the school band playing flute. That was where she met her boyfriend D. After I graduated from high school, I pretty much lost contact with her. The next time I heard about her was in the news — she had been the victim of a home invasion, where her mom was killed and her dad was shot in the head but fortunately survived. I felt very sorry for her. Then a shocking turn of event — it turned out she was the one that hired two hit men to kill her parents!

The only reason she got caught was because although her dad was shot but he was still conscious. When he opened his eyes, he saw those robbers talking to J in a very casual way. If she was a victim, she would've had a totally different tone. But she was calm and collective.

I later found out the reason she committed such crime was because she was crazy in love with D. She was so obsessed with him that she lied about the four years going to university and getting a job. She did nothing in those years except for living with D. During this time, her parents would sometimes ask to go to her graduation or see her workplace. She would always fabricate stories and got away with it. The parents eventually figured it out. They were furious and ordered her never to see D again. That was when J and D came up with a plan to murder J’s parents and run away with the insurance claim.

J is recently convicted for her crime. She will spend 25 years in prison without parole. It is such a sad story. If you were to ask me among the people I know, which one is likely to commit a vicious crime, she would be at the bottom of the list.

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