Lost and Found (true story told by W)

This story happened on my graduation trip in Europe. I finished exams late so my friends went ahead first without me. I met up with them two weeks into the trip. Upon finishing our tour in Austria, we arrived at a 400-people small village somewhere in Switzerland. We checked into the hostel we previously booked and they asked for ID. I searched all over my pocket “Crap, where is my wallet?!” This was just two weeks into the trip. We still have three more to go! I was panicking. My friends and I went back to the train yard and even went back on the train we took and searched for hours, but couldn’t find anything. My friends told me to forget it. I was so upset with myself. We finally went to bed late at night.

At 4 AM in the morning, I suddenly woke up and remembered where my wallet was! While we were transferring from Austria and Switzerland, we stopped at this tiny little town. We were waiting for the train so I went to grab a coffee. Then I left my wallet at the resting area.

At 6 AM in the morning, somehow through an operator, through the grace of a higher-being, I was able to get a hold of a guy that works at that train station. I told him I left my wallet. The guy asked “Are you W?” I said “YES!” He said “Yea, we have your wallet. Come get it!” So I got up at 6:30, took the first train out for an hour and half to that little train station and got my wallet back.

Till this day, I still don’t know how I was able to get someone who works at that tiny train station on the phone. That’s why I always have fond impression of Switzerland. :)