Grandma’s Favorite Rice Cake (true story told by W)

My grandma was a very interesting woman — always in-tune spiritually and very good at reading people. She had been living in Mauritius for many years. She really liked travelling so she went back to China that year. She was 86 at the time and was travelling by herself. It turned out to be her last trip. She passed away in her sleep one night. We all travelled back to China for her funeral. A couple of weird things happened at the funeral.

We invited a number of monks to do chanting at the funeral. The funeral was scheduled to go on for 24 hours. It started to rain and it was forecasted to rain all night that night. The monks said we probably could not burn anything. (It’s a Chinese tradition to burn Joss paper at the funeral) Just at the scheduled time for burning, the rain all of sudden stopped. We got 15-20 minute window to burn all the Joss paper. As soon as we finished, the rain started again.

Another weird thing happened after the funeral ended. We were all super tired and starved at this point. A delivery guy suddenly showed up with enough dessert for 50 people; and they were my grandma’s favourite dessert!

“Who ordered it?” We asked.

“Ms. H (my grandma) ordered it.” He said.

“What do you mean she ordered it?!”

“She ordered about a week ago, for 50 people. She said she was going to have a gathering with her closest friends and family. And she asked us to deliver to the heritage house today.”

Grandma had only passed away 3 days ago. She knew the exact day of her funeral!

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