Humanity Generally Stinks

An enchanted poem about the faults of the human race

Being a human-like creature is a one of a kind occurrence,

In the course of earth’s history, there was never any assurance,

But why is it, that we try to separate ourselves from other species,

You know it was not too long ago, that we were throwing our own feces.

We look at our skyscrapers, our factories, symbols of our might,

Yet we look at our skies, we think, no intelligent life in sight,

We have the rare ability, to manipulate the world around us,

To paint a picture, to type a letter, to take the town bus,

Yet one unfortunate fact among us, that really quite sucks,

The greatest of all of us, are the ones who have all the bucks.

We’ve poisoned many oceans, and cut down a lot of trees,

Killed plenty of animals, and stolen the sweet stuff from many bees.

With all honesty, we’ve really done a lot of sucky stuff,

When will this poor earth, say, we’ve had enough?

We’ve done plenty, to push the environment to the brink,

From this I can conclude that, well, people kind of stink.

How we respond to this, how do we redeem, and try to fix our mistakes,

Will determine whether we are really an intelligent species, or just fakes.

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