The new kid.

As is probably expected, this begins at a school. A combined grade school located in San Bruno to be more or less specific. So yeah, basically in California, because nothing else interesting happens in the rest of the country. Or so some people think. Anyway, we now turn our attention to the middle school section.

San Bruno school is currently later in a lunch period, and as usual the middle kids are either at the playground, or the field. But we don’t really care about the kids there, we want something a little more interesting, do we? So we come to where the rebels hang out. A bit closer, and we come to behind the janitor’s shed.

There lies 11 year old Ava. One can immediately notice that she’s blonde, and with a name like that you would expect here to be the sweetest little girl in the world. Um, no. She sports her hair in a tight braid, a zipped hoodie, and a monster beanie. Right to the left of her, is a round dent in the wood, where she must have punched it at least a hundred times by now, and she cracks her knuckles in the loudest way possible before continuing. And for the sake of the other dummies survival, she hangs out in this place. Approach her, and if she doesn’t think highly of you, expect to be called “retard” in some way soon enough. And where did she learn such a word, so offensive for such an innocent little 11 year old?

From Dominic. A self proclaimed 12 year old rapper, but he prefers to be known by his Alias, Shakespear. Yes, that little boy with the brown hair, tight jeans, and Oakland cap is right beside her, and happens to know every single phrase of profanity imaginable. Urban Dictionary has certainly done it’s work in shaping this young mind of tomorrow. He doesn’t curse all the time, but when one of his “freestyles” permits it, you’ve got to have that opportunity. Don’t expect him to be one of those pretentious idiots older than him who sag their pants, wear plastic necklaces, and attempt to speak in ebonics. This is different, he’s has a bit of fondness for words and their mechanics, just not how the “Preacher teachers” do it, he’s a bit more tasteful. Really an unexpected combination, a kid who reads books two grades ahead of him, yet loves a good rap battle.

Something is missing here though. There needs to be a third wheel here somewhere, it’s can’t just be these two. Actually it can, but not for that long though. A little bit away from the janitor’s shack, where those kids are not even supposed to be by the way, are the benches. On those benches are wood, and on that wood is the new kid. Wa wa wa. He’s had some difficulty adjusting to the school. Kind of like how the bench is having difficulty adjusting to him, bending under his grotesquely high weight. That’s exactly, why he’s been made fun of. It’s quite sad, other sixth graders his age are really quite, well, just plain mean. The husky kid with chestnut hair, a stained shirt, and sport pants is sure to be an object of scorn. He had his head tilted, face full of frustration, abandonment, and a couple tears. He would try one more time though, maybe they could see past his poly-chin, and see him for the person he really was.

What do you think he’ll do next? He gets up, right so far, and then goes to the kids behind the shack. Exactly right, he trudges there. And comes to them. Lips pursed, he is ready to speak.

“Hey,” he says shyly.

“Sup.” Replies Dominic.

“I’m Nathan.” he speaks again.

“Yeah, could tell.” “Name’s Dominic, that’s Ava.” “Move over, you’re eclipsing me and my book.” Dominic says again.

“Sorry.” Nathan moves away.

Ava looks up. “Oh wait, you’re that guy from class.” “That kid who crumpled the worksheet.”

“Is that bad?” Nathan asked.

“You tell me.” Ava says cynically. “School sucks, so..”

“Yeah,” Nathan agrees. “I don’t like it either.”

“Not a lot of people like you.” “Everybody picks on you, right?” Ava asks.

“Fo-soh.” Dominic says. “This guy’s like their target.” He nods his head.

“Yeah,” Nathan comes again. He sighs. “So, can I hang out with you guys?”

Ava looks from side to side. “I guess…”

Dominic shrugs. “Sure, just don’t take up all the space, alright?”

Nathan chuckles. “Okay, “ “Can do.” Nathan comes and leans on the side.

You have just read, the beginnings of a friendship. After years of being relentlessly picked on and rejected, Nathan finally found some others that he can hang out with, at least for now. However, you can’t just be around some people to be friends with them, you also have to do something. Nathan waits for five minutes, before he speaks again. He has the honor of actually being accepted, and he was not going to spoil it. The time was now.

“You know, let’s do something,” Nathan finally says.

“Like what?” Replies Dominic.

Nathan pauses for a minute. “You know what they did last night on trolls n’da hood?” “Something like that.” He pitches.

Dominic’s eyes turn to his. “Wait, you actually watch that show?” “Dude, high five.”

He reaches out his palm, and Nathan courteously slaps it.

“Best show ever.” “It’s so funny.”

“I know.” Nathan replies. “Which is why I think we should do it after school” “That’d be cool.”

Ava joins in. “Oh yeah.” “We could do it, like at that creek.” “A bunch of old people live in front of it.”

“Ohhhh, they’re about to get it!” Dominic hollers.

Nathan chuckles, “Yeah,”

“Hey!!” A shriek comes. From none other than from the school’s “Yard-duty.”, Ms. Clooney. This time, I’ll spare you the details of what she looks like, because she is not pretty. Neither her voice, neither appearance. Any wonder why she’s a Ms., and not a Mrs.?

“O.M.G, it’s that retarded yard-duty again.” Ava groans.

“What do you kids think you’re doing there?!” She shrieks again.

“Just chillin?” Dominic shrugs.

“Don’t use that language on me, young man!” The retarded yard-duty comes again.

“Let’s get out of here.” Ava whispers to the boys. So they all walk away from the janitor’s shack.

“That’s right, listen to your Miss. Clooney!” She orders.

“Why do you even talk in third person?” Dominic asked behind his shoulder.

“Don’t use that language on me young man!” Clooney says again.

The three youngsters just ignore the shrieking gorilla behind them, and run on.

“Let’s meet afteschool.” Ava says. They all stop. “Yeah,” Dominic agrees.

“Where?” Nathan inquires.

“Over there.” Ava points to the fence at the edge of the school. There were a series of dingy looking homes behind the fence, and behind the dingy looking homes ,there was a thick, yet clearly bilateral forest. “The creek’s behind there.” She finishes. Then the bell rings.

Dominic sighs. “Hey Nathan.” “There’s the slave bell.” “So are you coming with us afterschool?”

Nathan smiled. “Yeah, I’ll check it out.”

“See you then.” Dominic and Ava walk away.

Nathan stands alone for a bit. He’s never had anything like this before in his life. “Yes!” He jumps with his fist high in the air. This is a special moment for him, he was about to go on a little adventure of sorts. It had to wait a few more hours though, school was not over yet. So he waited with precaution. He was about to go on a cool, but slightly unorthodox adventure, so he had to wait without arousing suspicion. Math, Language arts rendered the couple of hours painful and slimy to the mind though. He had to wait. When the bell finally rang, and after being lined up like cattle to the door, he could finally leave. Going down the hallways and out into the open, he couldn’t find either of his new friends. That’s worried him a bit. No matter, they were probably there already.

So he came down the street, took a turn to the right, went this way and that, and made his way to the beginning of the creek. There was a fence, but strangely, there was a hole made in it already. Quite a large hole. “Ha, ha ha, okay.” Nathan thought to himself. He kneeled down, crawled through carefully. He got up, to see Dominic and Ava standing down on the creek.

“Hey!” Ava called to him.

Nathan grew excited.

“Come down here, we’ve saved the best for last!”

“Okay.” Nathan makes his way down the dirty slope, escalating at the end. “Whoah, uhh!” Landing on his stomach.

Dominic chuckled. “Okay dude, get up.” Nathan made his way up, brushing off the pebbly dirt.

“Let’s make our way down.” And so they continued down the creek. Luckily for them, no water was streaming down. This was fall in California, the creeks were completely empty.

They went down the forested creek, with the light orange sunlight, but not the water streaking through. This could only rise the excitement. They came at last to behind this hideous, tearing house, with chipped light green paint, dusted, cobbed windows, and a long crooked chimney. The perfect target.

“This one old guy lives here.” Ava said. “Any little sound will like get him pissed off.”

“Right.” Dominic reaches down. “Can you figure out what we’re going to do next?”

“Yeah,” Nathan says. “Throw rocks?”

“Yep.” Dominic says. Ava chimes in. “Don’t go overboard though.” “We want to have some fun, but not so much that it hurts somebody.”

“Okay.” Dominic picks up a large, round rock and throws it with precision at the house’s ugly green walls. Thonk.

“Hey!” An irritated husky voice belows. “What in the hell!?”

Nathan laughs. He takes another rock, and aims it for a little higher above the windows. At contact it produces a louder kek.

“Bwahhhh!” The response comes.

“Let me try.” Ava takes a small but heavy utility bolt, and throws it in a volley, hitting the roof.

“Ahhh!” “The world is ending again!” “It’s WW3!”

Dominic bursts out laughing. “O.M.G, he actually thinks it’s another world war!”

“Never though it would come to this!” Pause. “Wait a minute!”

Nathan takes his hand around another rock. This would have to be the climax. He thew the rock in the air without over excessive force, and it went directly into the chimney. It slipped over the rim and clanked loudly, sharply down.

“Ahh!” “Ahh!” ‘Ahh!” “Heh!” “Ah!” “Ahhh!” “Hah.” “Ahhh!”



Dominic and Ava fell to the ground laughing.

“I’ll get you damn kids for this!!”

“Dude!” Ava chortled over her laughing. “You like totally nailed it!”

Nathan chuckled along. That was quite a nail. Sure, it’s not something you should really do, but since when does anything a little bit fun ever fall into compliance with the rules?

Dominic got up, high fiving Nathan. “Wow,” “Seriously, that was cool.” Ava stepped up. Police sirens were in the distance.

“Yeah, but we should probably go or something.”

All of the youngsters stood, seemingly frozen in place. The police sirens were multiplying in sound, making it’s way towards them. “They’re coming.” Ava said. “We’re so dead.”

Dominic started breathing heavily.

Nathan knew there was some way to get them out, so he darted his eyes from side to side, and looked to the daunting pathway further into the creek. “Let’s go.”

“What?” Ava asked shockingly. Dominic looked doubtful.

“It’s our only chance to outrun the police, if we go down this creek they can’t get us.”

“Sounds about right.” Ava said. “It’s our only chance.”

Dominic agreed. “let’s go then.” “Hurry.”

So all of the youngsters took off down the creek. None of them had any understanding of what was ahead, so at this point they were plunging into the unknown. Especially when the sun sinks into the earth slowly, emitting a dark blue hue onto everything. They marched on on for 10 minutes, before Nathan quickly wore down on himself.

“We have to keep going,” panted Ava.

Nathan was hopeful. “I think we’re almost there.”

Whether or not he was right, could not be determined at the moment. The only possibility was to push on, and go on. Nathan knew this, and he stopped at nothing to keep them going. Night overcame them. It was frightening, almost to the point where they were scared of their own panting. But they went on.

The difficulty was great though, snapping twigs everywhere, no light, branches and leaves scattered, with no guarantee of them ever making it out. Every minute they tripped over something, every minute the ditch seemed to get deeper. They would still make it, somehow. They had to.

At last, a peak of the sky came above them. The stars were brightly visible.

“There it is,” Nathan said softly. “I knew we would reach it.”

It was silent, tranquil, and almost completely still. Only interrupted by soft cricket noises. No police sirens in sight, they have successfully outrun the authorities. Nobody knows what could have happened had they just stayed and surrendered to an inevitable fate. They were secure now though, they defied what they’re fate could have easily been. They were safe.

They climbed out of the ditch, which by now had become more shallow. They climbed each-other out, and into an open field. It wasn’t that much of an open field, there were houses around just so they could have a way to go home, but still. The stars never fail to captivate the soul.

“Best adventure ever.” Dominic looked up. “Just us, and, this.” “Awesome.”

“Yeah,” Ava agreed. “We’ve got to have something like this more often.”

Nathan stared quietly and looked to them. “This has been awesome.” He said. “But I think that we can go home now.”

The three preteens went on towards the orange street lights. They trudged along the field in lighting by the moonlight. The long hill grass gently rubbed against them, almost comfortably. They came onto the sidewalk, and could vaguely see the open stars. Now in the lit pavement, they were left to themselves.

“Hey Nathan.” Dominic turned to him. “I think it goes without saying, you’re our new friend.” “Welcome man.”

Nathan warmly shook Dominic’s hand. “I am honored.”

Ava smiled. “Yeah dude, this was cool, you’re cool.” “Feel free to come back.”

“Thanks.” Nathan never felt this happy in his life. He had finally found a place.

“See you later.” Dominic was ready to give his farewell. So was Nathan.

“Later.” He smiled, proceeding to high five shake both of them.

“Tomorrow dude.” Ava said. “Tomorrow.” Dominic added.

They parted.

Nathan was thrilled, yet simultaneously exhausted. He had finally found people who accepted him. Better yet, he went with them on something most his age would never do! The days of incessant bullying, and solitary abandonment was over. He had a future, he had people on his corner, who would be ready for him. He had a place in this chaotic and cruel world, a place with other people.

Nathan trekked home by the sidewalk, and into another day.

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