some memories from LA

— sitting naked on hotel rooftop ledge downtown next to 2 strangers uncomfortable w my presence, passing a bottle of whiskey while talking about suicide. “give it to me str8,” one demands, “do you have a trust fund?”

— on acid, being respectfully criticized for greeting the group with namaste as i lay on my belly before priming a canvas

— skateboarding down Pico after work, eating leftover spanakopita and thinking about anarchism

— phone call with mom

— 4 grams of DXE mailed to the house

— Echo Park, a not fun, more of a sad place

— a film critic friend of a friend pretending to not remember me

— sleeping on the floor of a spa, my date didn’t have enough money when leaving and they told her to never come back

— after our second date, attempted to break up w me over text in general enjoyment of experience

— doing cocaine w roommate and forcing them to play music w me

— calling in sick to work on 4/20

— witnessing oral sex on the overpass around 3am w/o opinion

— speaking spanish a lot

— asking strangers on the st for cig to their vague disgust one night, feeling specifically lonely watching the ppl across the st committing acts of vandalism before they approach me and i recognize them as friends from miami

— at their show, i meet someone nice, and someone shows us a tattoo on their genitals

— at a roommate’s show next week, i refuse to talk to anyone, i enter the smallest bathroom ever and do bumps of DXE in a stall as someone continually tries sliding the door open, “stop it,” i shout, “i’m peeing”

— crying during my 5 hr shift bc i didn’t want to be there so bad

—3am in a khole on the front lawn, a light drizzle over my body, listening to john cage read from his diary

—person i had unprotected sex w displaying signs of STI

— something that’s too long to explain but it involved someone’s parents

— 1 month of solid writing growth

— 3 months of interpersonal failure

— shroom pill on the beach after watching Get Out in theaters

— friends ditching me after I give them ketamine

— cheap tacos

— intimacy w my living mates

— dalton warehouse reading

— my shirtless friend on acid shouting, “how is your never ending day?” to our neighbor

— coercing the city officials to not shut off our power

— stealing lemons from the neighbors tree

—a parrot lived with us for nearly a month

— my boss at a greek restaurant bonding w me whenever giving me the check

— running nose and congestion, illness, in part due to DXE ingestion

— general disinterest returned to me from everyone i would meet

— falling off my skateboard on a busy avenue, the car behind me was like an NPC it didnt slow down, ran over my skateboard which flew nearly 20 feet in the air and hit a parked car, alarm went off and everything, i ran so fast

— drinking whiskey w some poets on the floor of the alley behind a bookstore while waiting for the open mic to start

— my fav topic: how sad, and petty LA is with whomever I meet

— being asked to explain pronouns by everyone and anyone for whatever reason

— when i was leaving all my friends gave me drugs as a going away gift

theres probably more stuff but thats it

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