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We are The Outer Loop Theater Experience. We’re making art that matters. Art that balances the disparity between all humans. There is no humanity without unity.

From The Outer Loop and The Humanity Project, comes a LIVE virtual collaboration and devised theatrical response to the moment of crisis, we as a global community, currently find ourselves in. These are strange and uncertain times… ones simultaneously abundant and lacking in connection and hope. Can we, through theater, inspire empathy and reconnect to our shared humanity?

We’ve honed in on a virtual devised theater experience, launching on Saturday, May 30th. The event will include both live and pre-recorded performances of stories from people of all ages, races, beliefs and demographics, all surrounding their current experience of COVID-19 and…

Brown School started “Hearts and Heroes” before the COVID-19 crisis because they wanted their students to recognize they can make a difference in the world. You need passion and grit! “Hearts and Heroes” was interrupted, but Brown School is hoping the stories they were able to share will help students and their families to be resilient and resourceful during difficult times. So many Heroes to celebrate in this world!

Thank you so much for visiting with us. Are you an artist helping to create change in your community or in the world? Would you like to be featured here…

March 2020 Edition

Does art matter?

Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. Of course art matters. Can’t you tell? I mean, what’s everyone doing right now- during this apocalyptic virus pandemic- to keep from going completely bonkers? Right. They’re watching movies, they’re reading plays, they’re listening to music, they’re painting… paintings.

They’re creating. Art. Enjoying. Art. Sharing. Art.

So yes, art matters. A lot.

October Edition: Emily Vitrano

Emily Vitrano

You walk into the theater and sit down. The lights dim. The anticipation builds as you prepare for the ride. You hope to be taken out of your pedestrian life, and into the world of the play. The show begins. A few actors walk onstage, you follow the story. Maybe you enjoy it. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you start thinking about the laundry left undone or the groceries you need to buy. Maybe you’ve had a long day and you start to nod off, your eyes begin to close…

But then something happens. An actor steps onstage who is so…

August Edition: Justin Maniaje

Justin Maniaje

We’re back in the States after a hugely successful Humanity Project trip to Tanzania! And as the summer comes to an end… we’re rounding out our series of Tanzanian powerhouse artists.

As you may have already heard, we completed several new projects on this trip, including the creation of a new play, “Uponyaji,” which is Swahili for “healing.” At the beginning of the play process, we asked all of our collaborators to answer this question: “What does it mean to heal?” Some chose to answer in monologue form, some in scene form, some danced and played the drums… and this…

Special July Video Edition: Asha Musa Dibuga

The Mloka Minute, S1 E3: “Asha’s Day”

While in Mloka, Tanzania on our recent trip, we sat down with Asha, whose tragic birth story inspired the play “Ubinadamu,” and then became The Humanity Project. What’s a day in the life of this mother, wife and village leader like? Check out our special July video edition of the blog above to find out. And subscribe to our YouTube Channel to follow our new short doc series, “The Mloka Minute!”

Asante sana, Asha! And thank you, Outer Loopers, for watching. Are you an artist? Would you like to be featured here? …

June Edition: Jacqueline Kaphipa

Jacqueline Kaphipa, CEO Timiza Designs

The Outer Loop has returned to Tanzania! We’re thrilled to be back on the ground with our partner projects here… but the best part of being back is reuniting with our favorite Tanzanian guest artists. We’re thrilled to introduce you to a few of our collaborators over the next few months on the blog!

The perfect way to begin is with the powerhouse woman behind #TheHumanityProject merch… designer-writer-actor-tailor-mother-creator extraordinaire, Jacqueline Kaphipa. Jackie has a keen eye for trends, an unmatched skill set in design, and a strong commitment to quality in everything she creates. Spending time with her again in…

May Edition: Dana Goodknight

Dana GoodKnight (Photo: Michael Levy)

In an extroverted world, it can be easy to gloss over the introverts. When you walk into a party - they’re not the loudest talkers, the flashiest dressers, or the ones holding court by the bar. But as Susan Cain writes in Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, “Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” Spend time really listening to an introvert, and you’ll have access to a deeply nuanced person who takes the time to craft their ideas before speaking. And an introvert wielding an art form? An even more formidable force.

This is…

April Edition: Jackson Kain Kibona

Jackson at home in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

We’re super busy at Outer Loop HQ, preparing for our return trip to Tanzania in a few months, to continue work on The Humanity Project! Over the last few years, we’ve been lucky to collaborate with some remarkable Tanzanian artists, without whom our work would not be possible. As we ramp up for our return, we are excited to introduce you to a few of those artists on the blog… because really, they are too good to keep to ourselves!

First up is game-changing actor and filmmaker, Jackson Kain Kibona. Jackson’s powerhouse scripts, keen eye for storytelling, and deep sense…

March Edition: Sara DeFranco

Singer & Costumer, Sara DeFranco

Spring is finally here… warm sunshine, blossoming flowers, playful sounds… and we thought, ‘what a perfect time to introduce you to one of Rochester’s most joyful young artists.’ Sara DeFranco has graced the stages of the Flower City for years now, and right as she’s finishing up her graduate degree, she made time to sit down with us to talk singing, sustainability, Steve Martin and Sarah Vaughn. We’re lucky to have caught her right before she heads off to New York City to, no doubt, change the world! Meet the powerhouse talent herself, Sara DeFranco…

Hi Sara! What’s your art?

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