Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?

August Edition: Ellen Winter

Ellen enchanted us with her original songs and incredible voice at last month’s Talk Hard: Brooklyn. Right now she’s out on tour with her band, Chamber Band. We will miss her, but while she’s away we can still read up on how she makes her magic.

What is your art?
I’m a performer, composer, and playwright. I like making things.

Where do you come from?
I grew up in the woods of Fairfax, VA twenty minutes outside of DC.

What are you working on now?
Well- a number of things actually! My band, Chamber Band is on tour to promote our sophomore album, Careers, which drops in September. I’m SO PUMPED for its release, we are all super stoked to share it with the world.

In addition, I’ve been recording demos for my second EP with my dear friend and collaborator, Russell Elliot. The record’s set in an nonsensical abandoned cave cabaret- or at least that’s what I picture in my mind. Think, girl in a bandshell with a skeleton rhythm section. Like, literally skeletons playing instruments.

I’m also developing a new musical called PhotoGenesis about a girl named Cas who, thanks to Apollo, discovers her destiny in a world where the earth has mysteriously stopped spinning.

I have shows coming up at some awesome locales that I’m amped for. On August 30th@ 9PM, I’m playing at Pete’s Candy Store (which is one of my favorite BK venues). And I’ve also curated a night of emerging and distinct songwriters at Muchmore’s in Williamsburg on September 12th @ 9PM, I’ll be performing there, too!

Amazing. Where can we see more?
You can sign up for my newsletter and see more things on my website:www.EllenWinterMakesThings.com
I’m also on the social media places (ie tweeter, instaphoto, facenovel, youtunnel- yeah, that sounds right).

What’s your favorite .gif or meme?
Honestly, I’m torn between two right now, so I hope these will suffice.

Thanks Ellen! Check out our next Brooklyn Talk Hard on August 11th at Over The Eight at 6:30 pm. It’s free and awesome. Any other questions? Check out our website.

Originally published at outerlooptheater.tumblr.com.

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