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February Edition: Sarah Jacobs

This year we resolved to join the gender parity movement to see equal representation in the arts. For our first blog after embarking on this exciting new journey, we can’t think of a better subject than actress, writer, poet, and general badass, Sarah Jacobs. Last year she debuted her poetry to the public at one of our Talk Hards, much to the delight of all the lucky ears her words landed on. (Side note: Talk Hard is the perfect place to try new work for the first time ever, just sayin’.) Now Sarah joins The Inner Enso at The Outer Loop, our all female circle of artistic decision making that helps steer the company (next stop: THE WORLD) towards a 50/50 balance in gender equality. But wait, there’s even better news: Sarah will be reading her poetry next week at our first Talk Hard of 2016! Our ears can hardly wait.

Photo by Joopashoots Photography

What’s your art?

It’s funny how hard that question is. It depends on the day, I guess. I started out as a dancer a million years ago, and while I don’t dance anymore, moving my body in various ways, particularly yoga, has become somewhat of an artistic release for me (if that makes any sense). I’m also an Actor, though I got fed up with it because it became much less about the art. I’d love to get back that part of it, which brings me to writing, actually. I write a ton now in various capacities. I started performing my own poetry and that’s been a huge artistic outlet. I also write blogs and articles about life-stuff. And I co-founded a company, The Wellness Project NYC, which takes artistic energy in a completely different way. So that’s a long winded way of saying — I make and partake in lots of different types of art. Just don’t ask me to draw anything unless kindergarten art does, at some point, become something of merit.

Where do you come from?

I come from Marietta, GA, if we’re talking geographically. That’s home and it will always be home, but it’s interesting how the relationship with where you come from changes over time. I even have strong ties with my family there, and it still feels like a totally different place than when I was growing up.


Just life. There’s so much going on here! Everyone thinks it’s weird that I don’t own a television, but I think real life provides plenty of entertainment and inspiration. My relationships, both long standing and the ones that come-and-go are all big sources of inspiration. Nature (even in NYC) are huge. I get outside a lot. I feel so differently from season to season and it tends to lead to different types of creative work. On the health and wellness end and with my business, I had an illness that I overcame that is a huge source of inspiration. It’s weird how things like that become such a positive thing after the fact. And my friends in NYC who are doing what they love and pursuing artistic endeavors are HUGE sources of inspiration. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many people that breathe from their artistic lives. They’re incredible. It’s awesome and they keep me going. …oh, and honesty. When I can’t find things to write about, I just try to answer the question, “what’s true?” I fucking love honesty.

Photo by Joopashoots Photography

What are you working on now?

Mostly, I’m working to build The Wellness Project. I would love to say I have a show coming up, but I don’t really have time at the moment. I’m also constantly writing all kinds of things.

Amazing, where can we see more?

Well, my writing comes up in all sorts of places, but you can read some of it on HuffPost here. Also, I do poetry open mics around the city, but those aren’t on any sort of schedule. Every now and again, flipping through channels, I may pop up in a commercial, too. And, my company is The Wellness Project NYC so you can check out the fun there. But I am also always open to new creative projects with cool people, so I love hearing ideas for what just may be next… Oh, and this is me: SaraheJacobs.com

Your favorite .gif or meme?

Oh my god. I’m so uncool. I have no idea. Honestly, I’m just lucky that I know what that question means.

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