Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?

July Edition: Ronvé O’Daniel and Jevares C. Myrick

Our next group in the Loop comes in the form of a dynamic duo. Meet the creators of iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical — a story about swagger, struggle and self love. They brought down the house last month at our Talk Hard: Harlem and we just HAD to get to know these guys a little better. They answered our hard-hitting interview questions and it’s clear they’re onto something big. We’d also like to mention that they’re at 88% of their fundraising goal. Don’t forget to donate!


What’s your art? My Art is MUSIC. Any form of music. I love it. I sleep, eat, breathe music all day everyday.

Where do you come from? I’m originally from Montgomery, AL, but I have lived in Marietta, GA for over 22 years now.

Inspirations: Musically my inspirations are Timbaland, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, Journey. (I know….an interesting list for a 29 year old), and my parents.

What are you working on now? Right now, when I’m not composing iLLA: A Hip-Hop Musical, I’m a vacation swing with The Book of Mormon: On Broadway and both national tours, I am also a full-time Dad.


What’s your art? Writing, rapping, producing, and acting.

Where do you come from? Born in Queens, NY, raised in Marietta, GA.

Inspirations: Loud music: walking, driving, showering or cleaning while loud music is blasting; conversations, current news events, and good theatre or film.

What are you working on now? iLLA: A Hip Hop Musical — a story of swagger, struggle and self love. It tells the story of a high school ballet dancer who has dreams of becoming a famous rapper, but must overcome obstacles ranging from a dysfunctional home life, social issues and also being involved in an interracial relationship. This show is hilarious, entertaining, heart warming and most of all — relevant to today’s issues.

Amazing, where can we see more? We are participating in the New York Musical Theatre Festival this summer. Our shows are: Monday, July 20that 4pm and 8pm and Thursday July 23rdat 5pm. Also check out our website at http://illathemusical.com. Then find us on facebook, twitter and instagram — all @illathemusical. You can also donate HERE, on our indieGoGo page.

Your favorite .gif or meme: I love this question. I have a few but at the moment I can’t stop watching “Kanye at the Bulls Game”


Here’s iLLA’s latest video that was filmed at our last Talk Hard. If you’re interested in Talking Hard with us, email info@outerlooptheater.org


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