Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?

May Edition: Rachael Logue

Welcome to our new blog series! In “Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?” we will feature a new artist and their work! Starting things off is our very own Social Media Manager, Rachael Logue. We’re welcoming her to the team by featuring her in our debut edition.

What’s your art? Acting, writing, and now — Social Media Marketing Manager at The Outer Loop — a brand new job which I’m super stoked about.

Where do you come from? Houston, TX (New York, 3 ½ years)

Inspirations? The golden age of Hollywood and musical theatre.

What are you working on now? My new one woman show — Prada, Po’Boys, and Pearls. It started when I began posting Facebook statuses of hilarious and true one liners spoken by my grandmother. I continued to record her and write things down. One day, a director and friend of mine said, “Oh, that’s your one woman show.” Fast forward two years later to when Rachael and Michael invited me to my first Talk Hard. I was so inspired by the premise of the event, that I shared my first “Nana” story. After I read, Michael said, “…and The Outer Loop is gonna produce that.” True to his word, we are in development and looking at producing the show this fall. I’m beyond excited. ***Scroll to the very end for a sample of my show!!!***

Amazing, where can we see more? Why thank you. My acting website is www.rachaellogue.com. If you’re an artist who’d like to be featured here on the blog, contact me at info@outerlooptheater.org

Your favorite .gif or meme? I find this is the perfect response to most things in life.

Excerpt from “PRADA, PO’BOYS, & PEARLS” by Rachael Logue

Now you have to understand something about us though. We were crazy about each other. Fools rushed in, ya know. But it was NEVER boring. I’ll give you that. Once he got so mad at me he didn’t speak to me for weeks. But that one really was my fault though. We’d gone out dancing with Jim and Doris Black one night. And we’re all out on the dance floor and it was pretty crowded. And somethin happened where he bumped into someone by accident, or stepped on someone’s dress — I can’t even remember, but all of a sudden this great big ol’ redneck is tryin’ to pick a fight with Porter. Oh god — I didn’t want him causing a scene like that, we were all trying to keep them from fighting. Now Porter was not an aggressive man, but he was a boxer in the Navy, so he wasn’t afraid of a fight and that’s what I was worried about. And we just could not get this other jackass to step away. And I’m scared to death Porter is gonna get in this fight. He takes a step towards the big guy, and I panicked and grabbed him by his sports coat to pull him back. I grabbed it and I pulled back as hard as I could! And I kept sayin “Arthur don’t fight! Porter don’t fight!” And I’m holding his jacket with all my strength and I’m shouting at them not to fight — I was just trying to stop them. Well. I messed up there. See. Cuz when I pulled back on his jacket, it pinned him into it. With his arms completely behind him. And he can’t get out. Well that redneck came swinging and Arthur got the shit kicked out him. (begins to chuckle. Then serious.) It’s not funny. I’m laughing now, but oh! He was so mad at me.

Originally published at outerlooptheater.tumblr.com.

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