Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?

October Edition: Michael Herman

We finally got our very own Artistic Director to sit down with us long enough to snap a picture and ask him a few questions. Michael keeps himself so busy making magic happen throughout the city of New York and in Rochester that this was a very rare opportunity. Like, albino-humpback-whale rare.

photo by Rachael Yoder

What’s your art?

I like to think of myself as a storyteller and an experience creator. Translation: I LOVE directing! Especially new plays. I’m also the Founding Artistic Director of The Outer Loop, an acting coach and a teacher.

Where do you come from?

This question is surprisingly difficult for me to answer. I was born in Huntington, New York… spent my childhood in Plantation, Florida… then NYC, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Morocco and a few other countries in Europe. Oh, and then Los Angeles, Miami and Belize. I guess to me, “Where do I come from,” means “Where did I grow up?” And to that I have to say, “On 46th Street.”

photo by Rachael Yoder


Music, the ocean, the sun, the darkness. And brave, genuine, visionary artists of all ages.

What are you working on now?

I’m so lucky to be working right now at NYU, alongside one of the most respected theater educators in the country. Talk about inspirations, she’s certainly on that list. So, much of my time this year is being spent in and around the classroom, working with the next generation of theater makers and leaders. It’s an amazing experience!

I’m also working hard to take The Outer Loop to the next level. As a small non-profit theater company in NYC, it’s a constant struggle… fundraising, budgeting, recruiting, producing, planning… did I mention fundraising? In 2016, we’ll be increasing The Outer Loop’s reach, project list, budget and ability to fulfill our mission. I’m also looking to expand my acting & audition coaching biz. So you know, all that kinda fun stuff!

Michael coaching and directing earlier this month in Brooklyn. Photo by Rachael Yoder

Upcoming shows/projects:

  • Talk Hard/Vote Hard: Election Night 11/3
Our super-cool monthly salon for playwrights, actors, directors, poets, musicians, singers, djs, painters, writers, dancers, filmmakers, spoken word and hip hop artists, to get a peek at any new piece they’re working on, in front of a supportive but critical audience.
  • Brunch Beats: A House Music Experience
A new experimental weekly residency. Brunch Beats is a fun, relaxed, music-based networking opportunity for artists of all kinds — and friends of artists — to enjoy great food and tunes in a super-cozy sunshine-y setting. Coming Spring 2016!
  • EVOLve: A New Human Experience

Amazing, where can we see more?

Not only can you see more here, but you can DONATE too :)

The Outer Loop Theater Experience


For inquiries about acting & audition coaching, please visit my facebook page here.

Your favorite .gif or meme?

I don’t think this is a .gif or a meme, but I like it a lot:

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