Who’s Playing at The Outer Loop?

September Edition: Shana Goodman

Shana’s been making our sides hurt (in a good way) for a while now, so we knew we had to get the word out about her. Thankfully, we’ll all get to share in the Shana Goodness (get it?) when she hosts next week’s inaugural Laugh Hard: An Outer Loop Experience.

photo by David Noles

What’s your art? I’m an actress, singer, comic and sous-chef (just kidding, I’m not a chef).

photo by Forrest Leo

Where do you come from? I hail from the holy land of Livingston, NJ. I hesitate to tell people that because it’s where Chris Christie is from. We went to the same high school and apparently he was on the football team. I don’t know how he fit into the uniform.

Inspirations: My mother, Gilda Radner, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Tig Notaro, Kristen Schaal, Key & Peele, Kristen Wiig, Sia, Brian Wilson, Amy Schumer, Billy Joel, Elton John…

What are you working on now? I’m hosting a comedy show at Over The Eight on September 28th, produced by the amazing Outer Loop Experience! I want to host a comedy show with absolutely no boundaries and kind of break away from the traditional stand-up format. I’ll incorporate sketch comedy, music, dance, it’ll be a whole thing! Because to me comedy is so much more than standing there with a mic and telling jokes. Anyone can talk about penises, but only a brave handful will do an interpretative dance about penises.

Amazing, where can we see more? On my YouTube channel!

(I don’t have a fancy domain name yet, still figuring out this whole technology thing ‘cuz I’m from 1952)

Do you have a favorite .gif or meme? What’s a .gif or meme? I’m from 1952…

Be sure to check out Shana as the host of LAUGH HARD: An Outer Loop Theater Experience next Monday, 9/28 at 7pm at Over The Eight!

Originally published at outerlooptheater.tumblr.com.

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