The Premier League is back and so is Fantasy Football

It’s August which only means one thing…

The room is the dark but a thin sliver of light streams through the grey curtains. My eyes are still closed as I try my utmost best to hold on to the last remnants of sleep to no avail.

It’s the weekend for goodness sake! I’m slightly hungover and I’m so not ready to be awake. The sun ray didn’t seem to care much as it continues to do its best to pull me back into full consciousness, giving my eyelids a vibrant reddish tint in the process.


I roll over my pillow in disgust, attempting to string my thoughts together. What time is it? Is there light? Do I have any major laundry that needs to get done? What’s for breakfast? Why did they make another Underworld movie? Why did Chelsea sell Matic to Manchester United?


I continue to roll around lackadaisically till all of a sudden, a single thought, clear as the morning dew outside rushes to my suddenly refreshed brain. In a flash, I throw off the duvet and swing my feet around the floor like a pendulum till they connected with my slippers. I stand and stretch, smiling as my arms reach towards the heavens.

I had just remembered that it’s the second week of August and the Premier League season starts today, which invariably means Fantasy Premier League is finally coming back home after a long ass three-month hiatus. All the pre-season hokum and mind games I’ve had to endure from friends are finally over and the real games can now begin.

As I found my way to the window, I fondly remember those weekends when football completely takes over my life, the highs of watching Chelsea win the league last season and the crushing low of missing out on top spot in my Fantasy mini league.


I remember rushing to fine tune your team before gameweek deadline, the economics of managing your transfer budget, the thrill of living the game as one removed from reality and most importantly, I remember how happy it makes me every time my Guardiola wannabe leaguemates lose.

It comforts me to know that they will lose all year long. Injuries, forgetfulness and red cards will plague their selections. Hopes will be shattered, dreams will be dashed, slander will be tossed around.

Fantasy football season is here at last.

I smile and open the curtains.