Dubai holidays during Ramadan — yes they do exist

Holidays to Dubai — the Ramadan myth

There’s a common misconception that holidays to Dubai are off limits during Ramadan.

But actually it’s quite the opposite.

This year’s Ramadan proceedings are expected to take place on June 7th. Muslims will fast for 30 days during daylight hours as a mark of faith.

First things first, non-Muslims are not expected to fast. All that is asked is that you simply respect certain rules and customs - you won’t get arrested for drinking in public or eating by the pool!

But sadly, these are just few of the many myths and urban legends surrounding Dubai holidays during Ramadan.

The Islamic holy month is an excellent time to visit Dubai. Yes, there are a few rules in place here and there, but none that would hinder your trip in any way- the waterparks are still open and you can still visit the Burj Khalifa.

Ramadan is ideal for experiencing a more traditional side to Dubai. Why not Middle Eastern culture in the form of Iftar — the end of day feast, which takes place at most luxury resorts.

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