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I am a ‘real geneticist’. I see patients with suspected genetic disorders, order genetic tests, and then interpret results in a clinical setting. I also can also equivocally state that I have no financial conflicts of interest including but not limited to; stocks, or other financial or non-financial compensation. Likewise I also don’t benefit from administering vaccines in my clinic as it is not part of my encounters.

I can flat out disprove your statement that “real geneticists will tell you they have no idea (Dr. Hotez is NOT a geneticist)” We have solid evidence that copy number variants cause a significant burden of autism. This is why the American College of Medical Genetic recommends a cytogenomic SNP microarray as the first tier test in the setting of autism.

After that the evaluation is provider dependent and based on circumstance. We follow this by fragile X, Angelman’s (as appropriate), PTEN (as appropriate), purines and pyrimidenes, plasma amino acids, urine organic acids, MECP2, and increasingly whole exome sequencing. The above testing strategy yields a diagnosis in up to 60% of cases. That is up from about 20% less than a decade ago and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be 80–90% a decade from now.

You can try to compile your list of 29 articles on vaccines and autism. (Second to last literally says “In this paper, we are not focusing on vaccines”, right there in the introduction). Though OMIM, our nationally curated database of genetic disorders finds autism as a feature in 473 different genetic conditions, while a pubmed med literature review finds 3129 articles on the subject. Likewise, autism is now the preferred term to cover a spectrum of neurocognitive illness. Sadly at one time in medicine dumb, idiot, moron, and retarded all had concrete scientific and technical definitions. That change in naming is easily enough to explain ‘epidemic’.

There is no reason to ignore promising research, put children at additional risk, and for probably the tenth time thoroughly debunk another vaccine causes autism hypothesis.