I went to Moon River Brewery in Savannah, Georgia.

It was a really cool place.

They say that the Moon River Brewery in Savannah, Georgia is haunted.

But it was really hot in Savannah and I needed to cool down. So I wasn’t scared when I sat down to have a few cold ones.

Apparently the restaurant used to be a hotel. But now it’s a restaurant.

Or it least it was when I was there. Maybe one day it will be a hotel again? It’s hard to say.


This is not what I thought they meant when they said “flight.”

I ordered a flight of beers because it sounded pretty cool.

I didn’t see any ghosts while I was waiting for my beers.

When my flight came it was different than what I thought I was ordering. It was a little scary, to be honest.

Were the ghosts involved in this screw up?

That’s okay, though.

When you’re in Savannah, you have to rise to the occasion.

Obviously I did because that is what I do.

I guess I kind of feel like maybe I could fly.

I was feeling pretty good after I finished half of the flight. I finished it faster than the people I was with.

Yeah, I travel with people — not owls.

Owls are really cool though, but they’re not that good at traveling, in my opinion. They don’t know how to pay for things, which makes everything a little more chaotic.

And you know what they say:

If you’re going to have some chaos in your life, it might as well be in the movies. Otherwise, you’ll end up like a polar bear chewing gum on Jupiter.
I just need directions.

I finished the other half of the flight.

I think I saw some ghosts, but I wasn’t scared.

I was ready to fly home.

Oh no. Definitely can’t fly right now.

I tried to fly and it was too hard.

I blame the ghosts.

All in all, the Moon River Brewery was a pretty cool place. They had good food too, but I didn’t get any pictures of it.

Here’s their website.

If you’re ever in Savannah, you should check it out.

I know I did.

And I’d do it again.

In the meantime, keep on tippin’ those toes.

— Opie