For Indonesians: We Urgently Need to Develop Our Reading Habit!
Theodorus Yoga

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your suggestion to translate this article to Bahasa Indonesia. I will look forward to share the translated article next week in the local community media and I will inform to you later for the link.

Well, I don’t really acknowledge well about living in the capital city, like Jakarta, since I live in Yogyakarta. However, I don’t expect anything from people entering the auto-gate lane if people even don’t how to not to park/stop in the no parking signs because there are no nearest drop-off points can be found near specific landmarks. I’m pretty sure that this situation encourages Indonesian people to do this to live in this crowded and highly populated country.

Other than that, I’m not able to see connection between our reading habit with most Indonesians’ purpose of life, like starving of the definition for “being success instantly” that you have mentioned. Probably you can do simple experiment on people in Jakarta about how reading habit is related with the definition of being success for them. I’m really looking forward to it!

Actually, I had just started my two-month old startup and besides I’m creating services for my clients, I’m also interested in writing something positive and hopefully can promote good behaviors for our people with my writings — that previously I have kept that only for myself.

Terima kasih for your response and nice to meet you, Steven, or probably I can call you Bang Tipen as your username in Medium.

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