I hope you have had the pleasure of getting to read the first part of this two-part motosport journey 🏍️🏍️🏍️

So you now know what the Iron Butt Association and associated IBA rides are. The next logical question is: why do it? why ride a 2-wheeled machine with an internal combustion engine packed between your legs for a thousand miles in under 24 hours?

I’ll try to answer the above by directing some questions back at you, kind reader (I promise you this is not a deflection! stay with me….) Do you think full marathons should exist? Should people climb mountains, scuba dive, sky dive or go explore a new continent/country? I ask these to help re-frame the question into one where we ask ourselves why we push our personal boundaries and limits — it is in our quintessential human nature to do so! I see it as a humble marker of being able to take my joy of long-distance riding to an accomplishment that is celebrated amongst those who understand and cherish it (replace riding IBA with running a marathon and I hope you can empathize 😊!) …

There’s a fair chance that you have not heard about the Iron Butt Association, outside of perhaps some assortment of “posterior” jokes. Even as a motorcyclist with 9+ years of nearly continuous riding experience (as of Spring 2020), I had not come across the term ‘IBA’ until my delightful comeuppance with the ST Owners riding community. While one could jump right into the IBA story, I’d instead like to take some time to setup this journey which spans three-quarters of a decade of learning and experiences: so kindly bear with me 🏍️🏍️🏍️ :)

Early on in my motorcycling life journey, I realized that my 2-wheeled riding identify was that of a “long-distance touring” rider (signifying my preference for long rides of 100 miles or more, over shorter jaunts). Broadly speaking, this touring category can be further split into a] Cruiser Touring (think the big bagger Harleys, Indians, Victorys etc) b] Sport Touring (BMW K-series, Honda ST series, Yamaha FJRs, Kawasaki Concourses etc) and c] Adventure Touring (BMW R-GSes, Honda Africa Twins, Yamaha Super Teneres, etc) based on the type of motorcycle. Most of my bikes (4 out of 5) have been in either the Sport or Adventure touring category except for a 2-month stint when I had a mid-size Yamaha cruiser (my back regretted it, despite enjoying the motorcycling experience itself). …

I am a fan of LLCs. An LLC provides immense benefits for an upcoming new business or a fledgling startup.

There are various online companies that help you get incorporated in various states (states have different pros & cons) and the services they provide differ widely; It is difficult to compare them apples-to-apples.

But all these companies have one firm undeniable common point — the state filing fee. Each state has a fixed filing fee that any new business must pay to get incorporated. …


Vishnu Suresh

Paleo Certified Health Coach | LGBTQ Alliance | Motorcyclist | Rock Climber | Afrobeats & Latin Dances | Humanist & Spiritual Atheist | Amateur Photographer

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