I hope you have had the pleasure of getting to read the first part of this two-part motosport journey 🏍️🏍️🏍️

So you now know what the Iron Butt Association and associated IBA rides are. The next logical question is: why do it? why ride a 2-wheeled machine with an internal combustion engine packed between your legs for a thousand miles in under 24 hours?

I’ll try to answer the above by directing some questions back at you, kind reader (I promise you this is not a deflection! stay with me….) Do you think full marathons should exist? Should people climb mountains, scuba dive, sky dive or go explore a new continent/country? I ask these to help re-frame the question into one where we ask ourselves why we push our personal boundaries and limits — it is in our quintessential human nature to do so! I see it as a humble marker of being able to take my joy of long-distance riding to an accomplishment that is celebrated amongst those who understand and cherish it (replace riding IBA with running a marathon and I hope you can empathize 😊!) …


Vishnu Suresh

Paleo Certified Health Coach | LGBTQ Alliance | Motorcyclist | Rock Climber | Afrobeats & Latin Dances | Humanist & Spiritual Atheist | Amateur Photographer

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