I hope you have had the pleasure of getting to read the first part of this two-part motosport journey 🏍️🏍️🏍️

So you now know what the Iron Butt Association and associated IBA rides are. The next logical question is: why do it? why ride a 2-wheeled machine with an internal combustion engine packed between your legs for a thousand miles in under 24 hours?

I’ll try to answer the above by directing some questions back at you, kind reader (I promise you this is not a deflection! stay with me….) Do you think full marathons should exist? Should people climb…

There’s a fair chance that you have not heard about the Iron Butt Association, outside of perhaps some assortment of “posterior” jokes. Even as a motorcyclist with 9+ years of nearly continuous riding experience (as of Spring 2020), I had not come across the term ‘IBA’ until my delightful comeuppance with the ST Owners riding community. While one could jump right into the IBA story, I’d instead like to take some time to setup this journey which spans three-quarters of a decade of learning and experiences: so kindly bear with me 🏍️🏍️🏍️ :)

Early on in my motorcycling life journey…

I am a fan of LLCs. An LLC provides immense benefits for an upcoming new business or a fledgling startup.

There are various online companies that help you get incorporated in various states (states have different pros & cons) and the services they provide differ widely; It is difficult to compare them apples-to-apples.

But all these companies have one firm undeniable common point — the state filing fee. Each state has a fixed filing fee that any new business must pay to get incorporated. Given this is a constant, one might expect that most incorporation services simply pass this buck…

The Moonshine Lunch Run (MLR) is an annual motorcycle event to kick off riding season, and celebrate motorcycling in its purest form — overcoming adversity (weather, terrain) for the ultimate goal of human triumph through community and shared hardships.

Moonshine Store

HISTORY — Excerpt from the Moonshine Official Website :-

Terry “Austin City Limits” Hammond (11/05/1957–11/19/2010)

Terry Hammond was a friend to everyone he met, but especially other long-distance motorcyclists. Even those he never met in person he counted among his friends, and his willingness to open his home and heart to any rider was truly epic.

Terry Hammond

Terry was a Midwestern gentleman, an…

Many people have had great success replacing the stock halogen turn bulbs on their vehicle with LED replacements. But there are some key pieces of information that need to be addressed, before the replacement can be done. Should one buy the LEDs locally, or online? What type of LED do I buy? What color? Hopefully this short write-up will help answer some of these questions, and add to my previous posts on using LED bulbs.

Buying LED Bulbs Online

Generally, across all consumer goods categories, the advent of online shopping has revolutionized the entire experience. It is my humble opinion…

My Honda ST1100 had beautiful 3-wire turn signals (1157 socket) which meant that the turn signals could function as both ‘running lights’ and as ‘turn signals’.

This might not seem like a big deal, but on a 2-wheeler where you want to be seen as much as possible, having those running lights can be a huge visibility boost. My V-Strom unfortunately has a 2-wire (1156 socket) system meaning turn signals only blink when I activate the turn signal, and stays turned off at all other times…. this bothered me a lot.

The beautiful final result! (I’ve also added LED light…

I finally got around to installing Ricks Mirror extenders from www.adventuretech.biz

Continuing on from my earlier article on the Windshield replacement, I look forward to seeing how much the dirty wind around my helmet has reduced. It had already reduced significantly thanks to the Givi — I can now listen to my favorite podcasts (On Point — Tom Ashbrook by NPR) on my Sena headset, which I could not do before while on the Stock windshield….

Removing the stock mirror — you actually don’t need to separate the two pieces like I did — Learn from my missteps ! :)

The removed stock rear view mirror, and it’s parts (I wrongly separated the stalk from the lowest screw nut)

The majority of Strom owners have experienced ‘buffeting’ on their rides, especially at speeds greater than 50 MPH. There have been numerous theories as to how/why this happens, but the common wisdom & consensus revolves around the following main reasons :-

1) Stock Windshield & mounting bracket locations cause ‘dirty’ turbulent air to flow up to the rider’s helmet causing a majority of the buffeting effect (potentially resolved using aftermarket brackets such as MadStad & aftermarket windshields)

2) Stock mirror stems are aerodynamically in a bad spot, and these add to the turbulence felt at the helmet (resolved by using…

Hi all,

I bought LED 1157 bulbs to replace the stock tail light bulbs. My intent was two fold : reduced power consumption, and higher light output.

I’ve found JDM A star to be a fantastic company and a reliable supplier of high quality LED products — I’ve used their LED bulbs for 3 years now, first starting with my Honda ST1100 and now on the Wee Strom.

JDM ASTAR Super Bright 5730 Chipsets 1157 2057 2357 7528 LED Bulbs with Projector,Brilliant Red

JDM A star Super bright LED bulbs Red 1157

The install is pretty simple. Take off the seat, reach back into the rear section of the…

I’ve been researching LED headlight replacements for my V Strom for a while now. The key benefits are two-fold :-

  1. Lowered Power Consumption (Stock Halogen Bulbs consume 55W, while the LEDs consume 35W-40W depending on the model)
  2. Improved Light Output (LED bulbs convert more of that input power into useful light energy)

Finally I received the LED headlights on 7th March 2016. The packaging was pretty decent, and the LED bulb looks well constructed.

Amazon buying link

4 LED chips per bulb

A funky shield the seems to hover above one set of bulbs

Initial thoughts on construction of…

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