Classified IDF material on Gaza war terror attack uploaded to YouTube

On July 8, five armed men entered Israeli territory during the Gaza war. Leaked debriefing material reveals more details of the attack on Kibbutz Zikim.

Haaretz | By Gili Cohen | Dec. 11, 2014 |

A Palestinian website has published Israel Defense Forces’ leaked documentation of the terrorist attack at Kibbutz Zikim during Operation Protective Edge. The footage, uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday by a Palestinian news agency, depicts two armed men attaching an explosive device to a tank. The device failed to detonate, however.

The two men approached the tank, and they were shot at. They were also fired upon from the sea. One of the slides from the IDF’s documentation mentions that “a UAV locked onto the squad from above, and destroys them.”

The documentation includes many classified details, including the names of roads in the area, recordings of radio during the event as well as video — primarily from Israel Navy ships in the area as a nearby naval base. The radio recordings include the tank crew shouting “he’s on the tank, 2 o’clock,” followed by an explosion.

The unit number also appears in the documentation, as does video footage taken by IDF aerial surveillance systems. The equipment found in the attackers’ possession was also listed, including a depth gauge as well as container of sodium hydroxide and watertight bags meant to keep their weapons dry.

The IDF is calling the publication of these materials a “leak.” The documentation was apparently transferred from the encoded IDF network onto the civilian internet, where it made its way into the hands of the Palestinian website. According to IDF officials that work in cyber security, there were no cyber-attacks on IDF systems during the operation. The senior officer said, however, “an Iranianian attack on civilian systems that could have had affected the IDF as well.”

During the incident that took place on July 8, the group of armed men made their way into Israeli territory from the sea. One IDF soldier was killed in the attack, and the five terrorists were killed.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, responding to the leak, said “ an internal IDF debriefing documentation that leaked is a serious incident that will be investigated and dealt with properly, not in the media.”

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