Is the IDF suffering from Bipolar Disorder?

Israeli soldiers burn Palestinian flag, face disciplinary actions and are imprisoned for a month. But when they shot and kill Palestinian human beings, they are declared as national heroes!

PP • 14 April 2016

An IDF Squad commander was relieved of his duty and sentenced to 20 days in military prison, while another soldier was sentenced to a 28-day detention. Reason? They burnt a Palestinian flag!!

In today’s Haaretz, Gili Cohen wrote that:

Israeli soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces’ Kfir infantry brigade burned a Palestinian flag they found in a vehicle they inspected in the West Bank Wednesday.
The soldiers were checking cars near the Palestinian city of Awarta, south of Nablus, when they found a flag in one of the cars. They removed it and proceeded to burned it.
Both soldiers have been disciplined by the IDF. The squad commander was relieved of his command and sentenced to 20 days in military prison. Another soldier was sentenced to a 28-day detention.
The IDF Spokesman issued a statement saying, “the incident is known to the commanders and was investigated. A preliminary investigation found that the incident was out of the ordinary and that the force acted improperly, and against the instructions of their commanders.”

So either the IDF is suffering from some kind of rare Bipolar Disorder, or the entire country is suffering from some kind of collective neurosis that allows it to oppress millions of Palestinians (for almost 70 years now) yet they would ride their high horse when it comes to a piece of cloth.

And to top all this, Maan News reported that “The Palestinian Authority has submitted an official complaint to the Israeli authorities after a group of Israeli soldiers was reported to have torched a Palestinian flag at a military checkpoint south of Nablus.”

Seems like the piece of cloth does carry much more value than human lives.