Israel considering force-feeding hunger strikers using foreign doctors

The Israeli Medical Association has so far refused to take part in any force feeding; an act that is considered as torture, and both illegal and unethical under any law.

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) is examining the ongoing hunger strike for the 18th day in a row (now in its 19th day), bringing doctors from abroad to force feed the prisoners on hunger strike.

Hebrew TV channel 2, reported that the prison service is considering bringing doctors from a foreign country to perform the force feeding in light of the refusal of the Israeli Medical Association to play this role. An act considered as illegal in international law.

The channel said that the IPS presented this idea to the Ministry of Health and the relevant authorities in an attempt to circumvent the Israeli Medical Association, and is expected to encounter such a step of strong opposition from the Israeli medical institutions.

In the context, the Israeli Ministry of Health called on hospitals to prepare to absorb large numbers of prisoners striking in the coming days and if the strike continues.

According to a circular sent by the Ministry of Health to the hospitals that as the strike continues, there is an opportunity for dozens or hundreds of prisoners to arrive for treatment in Israeli hospitals, including serious cases, calling on hospitals to set up their professional committees to work on the forced feeding of some prisoners.

The ministry said that prisoners should be forced to take medicines or nutrients if their lives are at risk, or that they are exposed to permanent disabilities and disabilities.

The medical staff working in the hospitals were also assigned the task of assessing the situation of each prisoner at the time and directing the Central Court to force the prisoners to take liquids or nutrients if there was a direct danger to their lives.

The ministry also asked the hospitals to work as a first station to convince the prisoners to stop their strike and to show the effects of the serious strike on health, in addition to sorting the prisoners between the cases of consent to the use of drugs and nutrients and others that refuse.

Source: Safa News Agency