LIFE Magazine: Palestine 1948 — rare photo collection

These are 45 photos from LIFE Magazine archive. Some of these photos were not published at the time.

A 13-yr-old Palestinian boy lying dead on street of Haifa. English soldiers passing by.
British soldier sitting guard on a rooftop. 1948. Dmitri Kessel
Palestinian refugees on a dock. Haifa, Palestine, May 1948, John Phillips
A British soldier sitting guard on a rooftop. 1948. Dmitri Kessel
Arab Legion soldier standing guard in the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips.
Arab Legionnaires fight from walls of Jerusalem, May 1948. John Phillips
Palestinians evacuating the village of Zenin. May 1948. John Phillips
British Marines guarding a deserted Palestinian street of Haifa. May 1948. John Phillips
Captured Jewish soldier sitting between two members of the Arab Legion. Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips
Illegal Jewish immigrants aboard captured refugee ship surrounded by British troops who halted the craft shortly before the official creation of the state of Israel. Haifa 1948. Dmitri Kessel
Jewish families leaving the old city through Zion’s Gate. June 1948. John Phillips
Jewish soldiers being guarded by Arab Legion soldiers after their surrender in Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips
View of Haifa from Mt. Carmel in June 1948. Frank Scherschel
Two Rabbis conference with Arab Legion soldiers. June 1948. John Phillips
Sephardic Rabbi discussing terms of surrender of the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem with Arab Legion Soldiers. June 1948. John Phillips
Palestinian women and children refugees evacuating the village of Zenin. May 1948. John Phillips

Arab Legion in Jerusalem. May 1948. John Phillips
Emir Mohamed Saleh leading his followers, John Phillips. April 1948
Jewish soldiers lying injured in hospital after surrender of city. Jerusalem, Israel. June 1948. John Phillips
Jewish troops blindfolding Polish adventurers doing sabotage for Arabs. May 1948. John Phillips
John Glubb © and his wife feeding pigeons. April 1948. John Phillips
King Abdullah (fore CL) and his party standing in front of the Dome of the Rock. Jerusalem, Palestine. John Phillips
Mayor of Jewish quarter “Muhktar” Weingarten being escorted to Arab Legion headquarters by Arab soldiers. Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips
Men of Emir Mohamed Saleh in their camp listening to latest news. April 1948. John Phillips
Palestinian refugees gathering their belongings to take aboard the British ship, May 1948. John Phillips
View of Jewish outpost near Egyptian border, showing trenches, gun emplacements and barded wire. 1948. Dmitri Kessel
Wounded Arab Legionnaire is carried by civilian volunteers. Jerusalem. May 1948

A barge bringing Palestinian refugees to the dock in Haifa
A Royal Marine searching a Palestinian
Palestinian child refugee waiting on the dock to leave Haifa
Palestinian guard checking a car at the road block
Palestinian refugees in Haifa waiting to be exiled to an Arab city
Palestinian family going to Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
Dr. Moussa Husseini (4R), and a leader of Haganah forces, walking with Arab soldiers after signing the surrender of Jerusalem
Final patrol by British tanks pushes three rubble strewn streets of Jaffa intent on preventing any further fighting between Jews and Palestinians before expiration of mandate
Injured Palestinians lying on cots waiting to be evacuated in Haifa
Jewish prisoner being escorted by Arab soldiers
Jewish woman and child receiving Arab-supplied bread at hospital
King Abdullah and his party attending a banquet during truce
King Abdullah and his party standing in front of the Dome of the Rock
Old City of Jerusalem
People running away from the watersfront during air raid in Tel Aviv
Priest walking past the Convent of Notre Dae du France which was damaged during fighting in the city
Stanton St. in Haifa completely deserted after the Jews drove out all the civilians
Palestinian women and children refugees evacuating the village of Zenin