Roger Waters performs at Desert Trip music festival at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California U.S., October 9, 2016. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Roger Waters attacks Trump and Israel in California concert

Former Pink Floyd superstar musician Roger Waters supported the BDS movement during the ‘Desert Trip’ music festival in California on Sunday.

The former Pink Floyd artist played the band’s song “Pigs” while a swine-shaped balloon with a caricature of the Republican presidential candidate floated in the crowd.

On the side of the balloon “Ignorant, lying, racist, sexist,” was written as well as screens flashing quotes from Trump, including comments from a controversial video from 2005 released last week.

AFP reported that drawings of Trump also appeared on the overhead screens, one with breasts and the other naked with a small ‘member’.

The musician also attacked Israel by supporting Californian students who are active in the BDS movement against Israel.

“I’m going to send out all my most heartfelt love and support to all those young people on the campuses of the universities of California who are standing up for their brothers and sisters in Palestine, and supporting the BDS movement in the hope that we may encourage the government of Israel to end the occupation,” Waters stated.

Roger Waters is a well known critic of Israel who openly supports the BDS movement. Waters in February told a British newspaper that many musicians are afraid to call out Israel over it’s policies in relation to Palestinians as they see the backlash he has absorbed since supporting the BDS movement.

“The only response to BDS is that it is anti-Semitic,” Waters told the newspaper. “I know this because I have been accused of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite for the past 10 years.”

Waters openly calls for other artists to boycott Israel and to not perform there.