Heading toward Computer Science-II

So then here now I am elongating the story that i have started.

After 3–4 months of some random code stuffs I was later introduced to a Telegram group named GNDG that is a small group of developers of Greater Noida was formed by my senior Ashutosh Kumar Singh . Soon there comes the semester and everyone was like :

Everyone now turned off their laptop , opened the heavy solid books , syllabus notes,everything (the semester days are really frustrating ).

Due to some family problem i was away from these tech related stuffs for more than a month . After returning from home i decided to learn Django framework and struggled a lot since its a very complex framework , so always a little bit tough thing for a newbies .

There is awesome community named Pydelhi that was introduced to me by PradhvanBisht . The community mainly focusses on work around python and different open-source stuffs .Soon I came to know about Hackathon , CTFs and different open-source stuffs .

Soon the @PyconIndia season started and since i was a volunteer now , I had now work as volunteer for different colleges and met with some awesome core members of Pydelhi . After going through different workshop in different college then there was the occasion of Pycon .

JNU was selected for the Pycon event, the time duration was 3 days , there was restless work all over , I even had to miss some of the talks that i was interested in .Pycon was the most awesome things that happened , there i met so many peoples that i can not tell in words , Pycon days were like a faint .

I was always active now in OWASP meetups , they were also so supportive and helpful , I was now full of energy and there was a bulk of things in front of me to learn and explore and explore .

I am still struggling now to make a pace in learning things , the biggest mistake everyone saying I am doing is to trying to learn so many things all at a time .I am learning penetration testing, web development , shell scripting and in future want to learn Machine learning and all other things . Doing these all stuffs i am not getting proficient in a single area . All the hard work like going nowhere , I try different things . Still I hope i will end up with a good decision and end-up with a single technology .

The main thing that i learned is Computer Science is a Science and its all about open source . Science is also open source , everything that we want to learn , make can be better and better if one is with the community , that are in working in that particular field .Learning with community is fun as well as supportive .One learns faster and comes to know around the different fields scopes .

I am now hoping for the best working with the community .

:happy hacking

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