You might imagine winter wearing a face — blustery, brilliant and boisterous, moving about freely with a swagger and a hefty dose of mischief. Winter, three months at both year’s end and year’s beginning, ain’t the social type; although extroverted and expressive, Jack Frost has few friends and even fewer associates. In a particularly bad mood, winter becomes a reclusive loner, only tolerating company with the hardiest of souls.

Winter in Highlands, North Carolina awakened this week precisely on schedule: 11:48 p.m., Dec. 21. Just in time to celebrate the holidays. As usual, winter arrived here not in the best of moods, but not in the worst either: 47 degrees and raining; 100 percent humidity with a 2 mph south-southeast wind. Winter in Highlands? It is always grand.

We at The Park on Main®, the luxury, pet-friendly hotel on Highlands’ Main Street, embrace the season. Despite its peculiar and undeniably moody temperament, winter in Highlands is a beautiful occasion. At winter’s depth, the horizon is painted in a regal coat of white, decorated with wild and dashing expressions of color and wonder.

Lonely lazy winter. Yes indeed. But winter, resting easy, is always, always a bit of a showoff; unlike its more extroverted and animated brethren, the season of winter is a minimalist, working with a smaller set of artistic brushes and tools, but painting a broader, a deeper and a richer panorama of beauty.

You have to visit The Park on Main in Highlands, North Carolina to experience winter’s silent symphony. Read about what to do in Highlands during the winter.


After experiencing winter at an altitude of 4,118 feet, after communing with the chilly bluster, come inside and enjoy the toasty amenities at The Park on Main®: Here you’ll find a heated garage for parking, heated marble-tile floors for chilly feet, gently roaring fireplaces for cozy, comfortable times.

As winter settles deep into night, tuck yourself into high thread-count Italian Frette sheets. After the passage of late evening and early dawn, rise for some coffee at your own Keurig coffee maker. You can have a light continental breakfast in the lobby of The Park on Main® before exploring winter’s mystery all over again. Down small-town Main Street. Exploring nature’s treasure, stirred together by winter’s icy hands.

This 24-suite hotel promises this: Sweet solace amid winter’s bristle and the opportunity to stake your claim to the tapestry of the Southern Appalachian Mountain Plateau. You’ve discovered the wonder.

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