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Chris’s arguments are a little weird. Both Blake and Hayward are free agents, so EVEN IF THEY WANTED Blake they could get him without trading anything. George is a HUGE risk because he can walk in free agency, so unless you get an extension before the trade it seems silly. He’s on an expiring.

What I don’t get is this idea that draft guys aren’t sure things so we should trade for the proven commodity. But it there’s no guarantee that George or Butler would even be good with Isaiah or on this team. Butler especially needs the ball in his hands, is consistently the leader on unhappy, soap opera teams, and doesn’t have a ton of experience in the playoffs. George is great, and a better fit, but his inconsistency, knack for calling out teammates to the media, and his expiring are all red flags.

What if Boston makes this crazy trade (which doesn’t even mention that they would have to include contract matching stuff that doesn’t involve Amir and friends) and they end up losing to Lebron ANYWAY?

There are no guarantees in the NBA PERIOD. Personally, Boston has the opportunity to compete for not one or two years, but for 15 years if they play this right. Be the Spurs. Take the kid or trade for a young stud like Zingus if he’s even available. Sign Hayward or Millsap or whatever. That’s it.

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