Isaiah Thomas is a better version of Iverson?
Adam Schreiber

I don’t know. Did you miss the part where he admitted that I.T. may not be as skilled or explosive as Iverson? The point was that, given Isaiah’s access to new information, data, and a bigger chessboard, he’s the 70 inch pasma verses the the old timey TV. Of course Iverson would be amazing today. Simmons never said he wouldn’t. He’s just saying that because Thomas is playing on this chessboard, he’s a more efficient and better version because he’s the next evolution.

If it means anything, I don’t think all-star appearances, the finals appearance, etc. is really all that telling. Isaiah’s career isn’t close to over, all-stars are only worth how good your position is in your conference (ask Mike Conley and Damian Lillard if all-stars matter), and although driving that team to the finals was great, it was also during one of the worst eras of basketball.

Maybe a similar example could be Lebron to Magic. Who the hell knows what kind of havoc Magic would do nowadays and without a HIV diagnosis. Either way, Lebron is taking advantage of this chessboard that Magic never had.