Really? Are we really doing this right now?
Theo Ribadeneyra

There does come a point when a player has to actually show up for the post season, though. If he really isn’t hurt with no concussion, then his consistent no show in nearly every playoffs he’s ever been in is becoming a sticking point. I actually disagree. I think his superstardom (not his stardom, which is a tier below) IS in question if he can’t perform on the big stage in the playoffs consistently. I’m not saying he had to WIN. I’m saying he had to compete, try hard, show up, and do his hardest. He has to not rely on herky jerky foul-baiting in situations where the refs won’t take it. He has to be a leader. If he can’t do that, regardless of what his regular season numbers are, his status as an actual superstar can most definitely be in question.

IF this was just one game, I’d agree. Though, people forget how Lebron was crucified after his random no-show in game 7 in 2008 against Boston. But this hasn’t just been one game. This has been five years running now.