I sincerely hope he does prove himself in the NBA and I think he probably will end this narrative—…
Pat Heery

True, but I guess that depends on how much of a college hoops fan versus NBA fan you are. If you’re a college hoops fan, Fultz is going to be a very tired narrative. If you’re an NBA fan, you’ve watched enough guys like Anthony Davis to understand that being the only talent on your team is not typically an effective strategy unless you’re, you know, one of the top 25 players of all time in your prime.

I don’t know if Fultz will be great or not, but it does say something that the administration decided that it was better off firing the coach and letting the best prospect in the country leave (Porter) than otherwise. I also think Fultz’s stats are a positive for him, not a negative. Opposing defenses could throw everything at him because the other dudes couldn’t do anything. He still did amazing.

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