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Hi Jennifer, thanks for taking the time to write these! Lots of helpful advice in there. I especially like nr. 12, encouraging people whenever possible, since I notice how it inspires me when I read posts like these. That’s something I want to do more when writing!

I’m still struggling a lot with making writing a habit. I love it, but it’s a struggle. Somehow comparable with doing art. Once I have a great idea and feel like I possess the knowledge and skill to make it into something good, pressure builds up and hinders me from actually getting to work. Overcoming that feeling is hard!

Another thing I find challenging is post header images. I have this inner voice that tells me “you’re a designer, you need to create an awesome looking piece of art for your post or you won’t be taken seriously!” This is not true, of course, but it’s another inner voice trying to keep me from embarrassing myself by publishing my thoughts. That’s why I especially love your post-it drawings! They bring across your point and convey personality. This inspires me to find a way to quickly produce something personal and meaningful that is simple and doesn’t keep me from posting!

Again, thanks for sharing your experience and keep up the great work!

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