Trip 1.

10:18 PM. May, the 17th.

The next 60 minutes, it’s going to be my thumbs twiddling on Medium with Play Music’s Shuffle mode delivering aural inspiration.

Edit. 10:22 PM. (All hail Lord Sloth)

Mister Sir — The Broadway Addicts

This really bugs me at times. Whether to address a senior colleague as Sir or on a first name basis. Is it really a sign of respect or a medieval anachronistic hangover?

Can you dig it — The Monkees

There is only feeling in this world of life and death.

A manufactured band with a carefully curated brand image. A Beatles carbon copy, Americanised for sitcom audiences in the 60s. Yet, it delivers.

King of the New York Streets — Dion

“I was only sixteen years… what could I have known?”

King Tommen must relate to this song. Power at an early age, inherited and not earned, is absolute evil. Case in point, Joffrey. Or Tommen, who might just cause more damage than his big brother ever did. Simply because he can be controlled, like a nuke in the wrong hands. For evil, selfish motives.

Cancereal — Pat Kilroy

Would I be Libreal? I would sure like to explore the concept of Libreality.

A library chock full of realities. To borrow and explore. To test and return back, to be checked out by someone else. A stranger, with whom that particular volume of reality is the only connection you’ll ever have.

Rain — Siddharth Basrur

I don’t have any empirical proof, but if extensive research is conducted to find out which Act of Nature has inspired the creative set the most, The Act of Rain and all phenomena associated with it will loftily dominate the rest.

Wicked — Cellovein

“I think I might be mental”. I think? Duh. I know. Actually, I don’t want to be sane. I don’t want to conform to societal norms no more. Consider it to be selfish or wicked, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to do stuff because I have to. Including stupid rules like that particular grammatical one about not ending a sentence with a preposition. Blah.

Seven Boys & Seven Girls — Magdalena Solis

That’s way too many people in a single room.

What if each boy had a sin associated with him, and every girl had to pick one?

Which would be the first sin to be grabbed?

Opening Ceremony — The Monkees

Head. Head. Head.

Must watch Head.

Sometime in the morning — The Monkees

Every morning, it’s one more failed attempt at overcoming the gravitational pull of my bed. Every night, the determination to beat all odds the next day.

I think the right motivation is missing.

That is one aspect of life I really wish to improve upon. Get up, work out, be done with it.

Mourning — Ed Powers

When U are in the middle of a morning, the morning turns blue.

Minus the Makeup — Blek

How I like my woman. Clearly, I’m in the minority. Because the cosmetic industry is boom boom booming.

I get it that if you are deprived of natural beauty, cosmetics can be a boon.

But the whole concept of natural beauty needing to be further enhanced? Wooosh…goes straight over my head.

Farewell to Earnest — Ali Akbar Khan

Note to self. Must revisit the Darjeeling Limited. And Darjeeling as well.

Behind the Wall — Tracy Chapman

Domestic Violence. Sigh. A shameful reality. Behind the Walls of so many people.

Is it Love? — Jon

Well, at least he’s asking questions now. The only way to not know nothing. Go Snow.

Also, you can know nothing, rise to the top of your domain, and return from the dead!

If that’s not promoting ignorance, God knows…

For What — Nicholson

This guy deserves a review on The Active Listener.

Must write one.

With All — Nicholson

Suspended in animation. That’s where this guy’s haunting yet peaceful melodies take you. At ease.

Kashmir — Led Zeppelin

Oh, to be a traveler of both time and space…

“All I see turns to brown

As the sun burns the ground

And my eyes fill with sand

As I scan this wasted land

Trying to find, trying to find, where I’ve been”


11:22 PM. ☺ Can’t wait for tomorrow. This has been fun. But it’s a wrap.

Now playing: Willy & The Poor Boys — Creedence Clearwater Revival. 40th Anniversary Edition.

That’s All, Folks! Zzz…