And we are live! (in beta…)

Image by Paul Buchanan

Yes, it’s official! Cyndi and I have managed to persuade Isabella to release the very first beta version of Ayuda into the eager hands of our rapidly growing beta testing community.

Release 0ne sees Ayuda come to life on an iPhone. So far so good — the feedback has been great — comments like:

“Wow — in all the years I’ve been injecting insulin I’ve never been able to visualise how much is in my body at any given time! This is SO useful”

As you can imagine, music to our ears and a great validation that the last two years of hard work, research, development and feedback has led to the first beta version being so well-received.

Not one for resting on their laurels though, Isabella and the development team were really keen to meet the users and get firsthand their comments, suggestions and ideas. More on that in another article!

Know someone who injects insulin? Think they might be interested in learning more about Ayuda? Do let them know what we are up to.

Building the community

Onwards and upwards, the interest in Ayuda is growing in leaps and bounds, we have now launched our Facebook Page so do come on over and say “Hi”, and let your friends know about us. If you are of a social media mind, follow us on twitter @AyudaHeuristics. And keep an eye out for updates on our website about all things AI and Diabetes and why we believe in the power of technology to help make life better.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be building up the beta user programme, so if you know anyone who injects insulin and uses an iPhone please do let them know about us.

To stay updated please join our list.