Released: GoServerless


This post is about my latest project: GoServerless.

If you’re currently creating your cloud-formation / SAM templates using the brilliant “goFormation” package and running into difficulties with AWS SAM then this post is for you.

GoServerless is intended to be a very fast replacement for your existing goFormation compatible code. With a few tweaks, you’ll be able to change you code to generate serverless compatible code, rather than AWS SAM — which if you’re yet to find out, has a LOT of problems.

You can find the project here:

Any issues implementing anything, feel free to give me a shout on here / github and i’ll try to guide you through it — I’m already using this project myself and has worked out excellent on a huge project, I was able to swap over from goFormation to goServerless in a matter of hours.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • Being able to define an api gateway type of */* with addition of the serverless-apigw-binary plugin.
  • Reduces the barrier of the 200 Cloudformation resources limit. This is because serverless only creates a single stage — drastically cutting the resources that are created.
  • Effortless code redeployment — no need to roll your own script in CI pipelines to perform the aws lambda update-function-code.
  • Constant plugins: serverless is a very fast moving project, but it’s plugin developers really fly the flag. You can try brand new features way before they hit the main pipeline by just installing an npm package.

That 200 resource limit is unfortunately still there, but serverless are working on a workaround now as a top priority — and there is a plugin that will allegedly work around that (didn’t work for me). Save yourself a ton of headaches and opt for serverless over AWS Cloudformation SAM immediately!


Paul S

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