Why you should quit your job and travel now
Jessica Yurasek

Thanks for the reminder – i’m getting increasingly eager to do this kind of break.

My assumption is that’ll it’ll look like myself, laptop, car going as far as we can. Unsure whether a travel companion would be a good or bad thing yet – pretty happy with my own company but might get boring fast, and maybe i’d get myself into a situation where i need help.

I’ve also recently noticed that opinions i’ve formed over the years through different friendship groups aren’t actually my own values – and other people seem important to challenge those (i fail at doing this myself because bad==fun – ish)

I guess whoever that person would be couldn’t be too judgemental (dont want to be fighting the whole time), have morals to aspire too and a wholesome personality.

Oh, and also want to jack it all in and travel too.

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