Dear 101.1 The Beat Jams,

Dear 101.1 The Beat Jams,

What kind of message do you wish to convey to your listeners? I’d assume outside of funeral directors and casket salesmen, all purveyors of commodities would wish upon their users longevity and good health. However, when listening to your station in a new context, I found a more sinister and twisted message being propagated through the airwaves to the minds of some of the less mentally capable. Unable to form individual opinions on occasion, some will seek validation of thoughts through popular culture, music, television, and film. Some of the thoughts I became most disturbed hearing affecting the minds of american listeners today were coming only slightly censored via your frequency modulation (FM) tuning.

“When I’m f***ed up, its the real me.”

First off, the censoring of this tune leaves quite little to the imagination. I understand these are lyrics written by a person who may have felt their validity. I respect artistic freedom and feel it offers an outlet of self discovery for many. However, those with less mental faculties to process their own emotions will often rely on that catchy repetitive melody stuck in their head to get them through the day. The song stuck in your head often becomes a mantra and I feel this is one that is destructive to our community. People will use this thought process to give a life of dependency validation, with feelings that being intoxicated helps them to be “the real me”.

“It aint nu’n to cut that b***c off”

Another spectacle of minimal censoring that leaves the listener referring to the target of these lyrics as a bitch and a hoe. What self respecting female would allow such a song to be broadcast from the building they work in? I can only assume 101.1 has female staff, and find it saddening that none of them would stand up and say this pandering of sexism shouldn’t be tolerated, much less, amplified and sent out to the ears of millions of listeners. Also, the message of how petty and cheap one’s relation with there significant other is digressed to how “it aint nu’n to cut that bitch off”. Are our relationships disposable as temporary use vessels of convenience? I’d hope our society would stray from this view.

“Where that ass was at”

Outside of the gramatic context being so out of wack, i’m quite positive the theme of this song has no positive relevance. Simply asking the listener where their “ass was at” while the singer was cooking crack, pulling out a gun, and committing other crimes. What impact of any positivity can come of this? I think we know the answer.

These are just three examples of many ill fated messages I witnessed in two days of tuning in to this station for about an hour. The minds of our youth and even many adults are shaped by the messages they are given through the voices of celebrity. It seems finding positive messages are few and far between these days. Outside of love songs, the majority of song substance i found on 101.1 The Beat Jams to be of self deprecation, dependency, and sexism. I am not so naive to believe this is a new topic in popular music, but find it faltering as a testament to progress in our belief and intention as a society.

People need positivity and hope. In today’s volatile social climate, it is essential we look to each other for guidance and compassion. The leading voices should be dispensing tidings of love and prosperity via their platform. As artists, we represent where we have been, but also where we are headed. I challenge both the radio and the radio viable artists to rise to the occasion and help elevate themselves to become a more positive guiding force for our communities and society as a whole. I’m all for self expression, but leave the darker subject matter for the deep cuts on the album. Let the hits reign supreme in honesty, but also, in love, positivity, and hope for a brighter future. Let’s facilitate the change in the psyche of todays listeners to elevate over the monotony, the pandering, and the repetition of our mistakes and shortcomings. Let us unite for a brighter day with brighter outlooks and beaming smiles. Wishful thinking. Over and out.

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